Best Smart Kitchen Appliances to Consider

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Imagine you need to put the turkey in the oven and monitor the temperature of the meat, all while cleaning up the dining room and getting yourself ready. And you have to make sure not to dry out the turkey like last year. While you're scrambling to retrieve your favorite sweater from your closet, you realize… you forgot to preheat the oven. 

Fortunately, there is a way for you to monitor what happens in the kitchen and still have time for everything else. Set up the kitchen with smart appliances to allow yourself a smoother experience.  Smart kitchen appliances allow you and your family to take the stress out of the holidays and everything in between. 

With smart kitchen appliances, you'll enjoy all of your kitchen adventures without stretching yourself too thin. There are plenty of reasons to bring smart appliances into your space, with four that can be the most beneficial for your time and your family.

What Are Smart Kitchen Appliances?

These are kitchen appliances that are connected to a central internet WiFi system with the ability to be programmed, controlled remotely, or to operate autonomously. This is made possible based on input from sensors that detect temperature, light levels and activity. Some examples of available smart appliances include refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, and blenders.

Why Should You Use Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances help free up your schedule

Your schedule is never-ending, and sometimes family dinner can be the cherry on top of an overloaded sundae. With smart kitchen appliances, making dinner after a long day isn't the hassle it used to be. 

Free up your schedule with products like the Proscenic T21 Smart Air Fryer. This air fryer allows you to control it from a smartphone app. With the app, you're able to control temperature and timers without having to constantly check from the kitchen. And you can use the app to keep your book of recipes in the palm of your hand for easy access. Imagine no longer accidentally clicking "close" on a browser tab with a recipe in it, and not having to search for the right one all over again. 

Throw your food in the fryer and keep up with its progress on your phone. No need to stick around the kitchen all day, you've got a lot to do.

Smart kitchen appliances make meal prep easier

There is nothing worse than planning tonight's meal in your mind and realizing you don't have the ingredients. Worse, the ones you do have are expired. With smart appliances in your kitchen, these things won't happen. 

A smart Internet-connected refrigerator lets you see what's in your refrigerator at all times. Some offer cameras inside accessible by a remote access app, which can also track expiration dates and recommend grocery lists for your next shopping trip, all so you can plan your meals without even opening the refrigerator door. 

Not sure what to cook with what you have? No problem, the app associated with your new smart fridge can access tons of recipes based on what is currently in your kitchen.

Smart kitchen appliances act like a partner in the kitchen

With the internet at your fingertips, you're never really alone, including in the kitchen. Various smart kitchen appliances offer voice command interfaces, so you can act as an executive chef even when cooking solo. 

In homes with digital assistant devices such as Alexa or Google Home, you can access some kitchen appliances through the smart speaker system. For example, the Instant Pot Smart can read recipes through Alexa access - all you have to do is holler to get the next step while your hands are working on the last one. 

Imagine you're elbow deep in flour and cookie dough, your hands are covered, but you forgot to set the timer for the batch that's already in there. With different smart appliances, like the ones from Whirlpool, you can tell your oven to set a timer without cleaning the cookie dough off of your hands. Or on your way to take the kids to bed, you can tell your dishwasher to start a cycle. 

Multitasking in the kitchen has never been so easy.

Smart kitchen appliances can stay connected to everyone

Everybody in your household cares about food. So smart kitchen appliances can be a keyway to stay connected. 

For example, the tablet feature on the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator can sync up with a group calendar and always be displayed on the fridge. It can even keep up a list of chores to complete - the ultimate argument settler. 

And with the GE Kitchen Hub, you can keep an eye on your stovetop while video chatting with your family. Its large tablet screen and two cameras allow you to connect with your family, send picture updates about dinner, or share your meal with your friends and family over social media. 

Whether you love to cook or not, a smart kitchen appliance can keep you connected, eliminate food and energy waste, and make every little task in the kitchen that much easier.  Of course, you'll want to make sure you have the right Internet speed in your home to handle your upgraded smart lifestyle! 

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