Unlimited Cell Phone Internet Plans: What You Need to Know

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Things can quickly get complicated when choosing an unlimited Internet plan for your cell phone. Unlike home Internet, where there are frequently only one or two options, most Americans can choose from various wireless plans at different price points, all of which claim to provide equivalent performance or coverage. Having so many options can leave your head spinning. Optimum has broken down everything you need to know about unlimited Internet plans for mobile to guide you through your decision-making process.

How Many GB is Unlimited Data?

The typical unlimited data package includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and unlimited high-speed data (up to a specified data ceiling). This high-speed data allowance is usually 22-23 gigabytes (GB). Some major carriers charge more for unlimited plans with more extensive data caps, sometimes surpassing 50 GB per month. Most carrier plans have quotas on data consumption, speeds, or other restrictions in the fine print that you should be aware of. Despite their name, unlimited data plans are no exception.

Mobile hotspotting, for example, is a frequent usage cap for unlimited data plans, and carriers prefer to charge extra for it. Soft-caps on data consumption per month are also popular, with the carrier slowing down your speeds after you reach a specific level-anywhere from 30GB to 100GB is standard. These data restrictions may appear to be an inconvenience on paper, but few customers will use up to 100GB of data in a month unless they're continuously streaming high-definition content.

How to Choose an Unlimited Data Cell Phone Plan

We've compiled a list of criteria that we believe every consumer should examine before signing up for an unlimited data plan. Here's what you should be on the lookout for:


Determine how much data you'll require each month. This will reveal a lot about whether or not an unlimited plan is right for you. Remember that not all data is created equal, so double-check with the provider what "unlimited data" truly means.


Most networks will provide excellent coverage if you live in a big city. However, one network may provide superior service outside of cities compared to others. A coverage map might help you determine which networks are best for your area; Optimum's coverage map can be found here.


Will you set up a mobile hotspot on your phone? Do you desire free streaming service subscriptions? Are you planning to travel internationally for business? Different unlimited plans may include bonus features to complement your usage needs. Make sure to consider these benefits when making your final decision.

Who Has the Most Affordable Unlimited Mobile Plan?

Optimum Mobile offers mobile plans to fit your needs, from Unlimited to by-the-gig. And with Optimum Mobile on America's largest and fastest 5G network, you get big carrier benefits without the big carrier price. Need a new phone? Shop the latest deals from Apple, Samsung and Motorola. Plus, save more when you combine Optimum Internet with Optimum Mobile. Call us at 866-200-7004 or visit the Optimum store near you.

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