3 Easy to Use Mobile Phones in 2023

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It seems like every year there are a wide range of new mobile phones being released. As technology continues to advance, many phones appear to become more and more complicated.

Fortunately, Optimum Mobile has compiled a list of uncomplicated phones that sacrifice very little when it comes to advanced features. We considered phone qualities such as:

•    Large buttons: Making it easier to navigate menus and type messages
•    Clear displays: Bright displays, high-resolution, and adjustable font size
•    Quality speakers: Loud and clear for seamless calls, as well as compatible with hearing aids
•    Voice commands: Makes looking up information, sending messages, and setting reminders simple

Read on to discover what these phones are!

iPhone SE

We like this phone because it has an intuitive design, voice commands, great camera quality, as well as thousands of free apps via the Apple store. If that is not convincing enough, it is also water and dust resistant.

Keep in mind that there may be a bit of a learning curve if you are used to flip phones. It is worth it though given the fact that it can do anything that a computer can such as checking emails, browsing the Internet, and taking pictures. Furthermore, it's built-in voice assistant, Siri, allows you to access any of the phone's features by simply using your voice.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

This flip phone with smaller bezels makes one-handed use easy, while its large screen makes reading and navigation simple.

Powering the phone is a breeze since the power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor that can unlock both the front and inner screens. It boasts great durability with a strengthened inner screen, a hard-wearing metal frame, and it is also water-resistant.

The secondary display offers features like switching between analog and digital clock styles, adding AR emoji characters, setting photos as your background, as well as the ability to respond to messages with pre-set responses, emojis, and text-to-speech without even needing to flip the phone open.

moto G stylus 5G

This smart phone comes with an impressive battery and a stylus that pops out easily. The stylus allows for a comprehensive experience coupled with easy-to-use features.

The LCD display screen is smooth and easy to read. The phone can be securely unlocked using the fingerprint sensor that is built into the power button. Other than the microSD and SIM port on the left side, everything else can be found on the bottom of the phone such as the stylus, speaker, USB-C, and headphone jack.

The intuitive features, sturdy design, solid camera, and easy-to-use fingerprint sensor make this phone a solid option. The additional perks such as the 120Hz refresh rate and stylus features solidify this mobile phone being a great deal.

Optimum Mobile offers the latest mobile phones from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and more. With four plans to choose from, Optimum Mobile offers big carrier benefits without the big price. When you get Optimum Internet and add Optimum Mobile, you'll save monthly on your Internet bill. You can call us at 866-200-7004 or visit the Optimum store nearest you.


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