What Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Are in My Area?

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How to Find Out Which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Operate In Your Area

If you’re setting up Internet in your new home or apartment, your primary concern is likely finding a plan that suits your needs. But before you can do that, you need to choose an Internet service provider, or ISP.

Truth be told, there is an abundance to choose from. And not every ISP is available in every region-many only operate in specific geographical areas. You may not have the same Internet service options as your family across the country.

So how do you find out who offers Internet in your area? And once you figure that out, how do you know which option is best? We'll answer those questions here-and provide a few tips on finding the Internet plan that's right for you. 

How To Find ISPs By Address

Where you live will have the biggest impact on which Internet service providers operate in your area. As a general rule, urban areas will have more options for Internet service providers than rural areas. The best way to figure out who services your area is to do a quick Google search using your zip code, or by simply searching "ISPs near me" or "Internet near me." That will tell you which companies offer Internet service in your area.

If you live in an apartment, your zip code may not be enough to determine whether or not your building (or even unit) is covered by a specific provider. That's why we recommend using Optimum's ISP search tool

Please provide us with your complete address, including your apartment number if applicable. Once we have this information, we will promptly inform you if our services are available in your area. 

What’s The Best Internet Service Provider In My Area?

With high-speed Internet, affordable plans, and the ability to bundle services, Optimum is a great choice for home Internet. Follow these steps to find out if Optimum provides Internet in your area: 

Step 1: Figure out whether you’re eligible for service

First, you’ll need to determine whether or not Optimum can provide service at your address, as outlined above. If we do, you’ll instantly be able to browse the plans available to you, including their features and prices.

Step 2: Determine how much speed you require

Next, figure out how much speed you need. Generally, this depends on your Internet usage. Those who live alone or only use the Internet for browsing websites usually need less than those who stream, play online games, or have multiple devices connected to the same WiFi network.

As for why this is important, it's pretty simple: Faster speeds typically equate to a higher bill. Our article Internet Speeds Explained: How Much Do You Really Need? explains Optimum's internet speeds and helps you choose the best option for your needs.

Step 3: Decide if you want to bundle

Nobody wants to overpay for services if they don't have to. That's why, at Optimum, we offer several packages that afford you the opportunity to bundle Internet, TV, and Voice. 

These plans are ideal for large families with multiple devices. They also simplify bill payment by consolidating everything in one place.

Step 4: Order and install

You've chosen your ISP, determined your needs, and found the plan that's right for you. All that's left to do is place your order. New customers can do this over the phone or online; if you're an existing customer looking to change your plan, give us a call, and we can help.

Does Optimum Offer Multi-Gig Speeds?

At Optimum, it's our priority to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable Internet available. That's why we offer 5 Gig fiber Internet and even 8 Gig fiber Internet in regions that support it.

With 99.9% reliability, lower latency times, and symmetrical upload and download speeds, it's the fastest Internet available to consumers. Plus, it utilizes a direct fiber connection-meaning there's no bulky equipment to contend with.

You can check to see which speeds are available in your area here. If the speed you want isn't accessible to you yet, don't worry-we're working on it. Let us know what speed you're interested in and we'll be in touch as soon as it's available in your area. 

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