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People are using their home phone lines less as the Internet and mobile phones are growing in popularity and usefulness. Many families now rely on their cellphones to access streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu. People are canceling their cable TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services and their landlines in favor of smartphones. It's easier than ever to stream information to your living room TV using the latest devices, so you're not limited to the tiny screen of your smartphone. So is it time for you to sever the cord, too? If you’re interested in an Internet service without cable or a phone line, look no further. Our guide will provide you with some pointers and suggestions on making the Internet-only switch.

How Do I Get Internet Without a Phone Line?

You can still connect to the Internet with a wireless Internet connection if you don't have (or desire) a physical cable connecting your home to the Internet. Fixed wireless, 4G and 5G home Internet, mobile hotspots, and satellite are just a few of the alternatives. We're here to walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can choose the best solution for you.

Fixed Wireless Internet

A signal is sent directly from a communication tower to a receiver in your home with fixed wireless Internet. Although fixed wireless is one of the fastest types of wireless connectivity, it is not widely used. Because many fixed wireless carriers are small businesses, it's a good idea to check beyond the big names to discover if a smaller company serves your area.

4G Home Internet

4G Home Internet broadcasts an Internet signal using cellular technology, which means that if you have cell phone coverage in your home, you're covered. 4G Home Internet is designed to provide Internet service to an entire family, which means that instead of using a phone as a hotspot, it comes with a regular router and plans with fewer usage constraints. It also frees up your cell phone, which is convenient.


By far, the most common type of wireless connectivity offered is satellite. You can connect to satellite Internet no matter how far away you are as long as you have a clear sky view. However, satellite Internet has a few drawbacks. The majority of satellite plans have extremely low data limits and considerable latency. Online games and video chat, for example, may become difficult or impossible as a result. New improvements in low-Earth-orbit satellite technology could help to alleviate these issues considerably. Unless it's your sole option, it would be best not to rely on satellite Internet.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless connections are an excellent option for city and rural areas. It is more widespread in urban and suburban areas than in rural locations, and it may often fill in coverage gaps inside a metropolis. That means that if you reside in a portion of town sandwiched between the coverage regions of two major wireless providers, a fixed wireless provider may supply you with the speed you require rather than settling for inferior options.

Cable Internet

Cable Internet is a high-speed connection that provides end users with a cable television infrastructure. As a result, the same network that supplies your cable TV service also allows you to access the Internet. Your Internet service provider sends a data signal into your home, specifically to your modem, via coaxial cable.

The modem then connects to your computer or router through an Ethernet wire, giving you access to high-speed Internet. You may then broadcast a WiFi signal throughout your home if you utilize a router.

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic Internet, sometimes known as fiber Internet or just "fiber," is a high-speed, low-latency broadband connection that can achieve speeds of up to 940 Megabits per second (Mbps). Fiber optic Internet is a complicated technology that allows data to be transmitted using light rather than electricity. There are many components that make up this advanced technology, but optical fibers and the fiber-optic network's "last mile" are two of the most important. The "last mile" of the cable is your Internet's backbone and is made up primarily of fiber optic cables. These cables allow people all over the world to connect via the Internet.

5G Home Internet

5G home Internet connects you to the Internet using cellular technology, and it provides various advantages over previous generations. It will be up to five times quicker than current 4G technology (and even faster when compared to some 4G LTE connections). 5G will have extremely low latency compared to existing wireless technologies, making it ideal for online gaming and video chat. It's also well-suited to handle massive traffic levels, which can cause older connections, such as cable, to slow down during peak hours. Currently, 5G is only available in a few cities, but that number is steadily increasing. 5G will become a more appealing option to older wired connections as it becomes more widely available.

Can I Get Internet Only at Home?

Optimum's cable and fiber-optic Internet options offer fast Internet speeds at affordable pricing with no contracts, usage limitations, or early termination penalties. We offer both cable and fiber Internet plans, and we've been working hard to expand our fiber network in order to serve more homes. Our Internet plans are known for their high speeds and bandwidth. The slowest speeds offered start at 300 Mbps, which is higher than most Internet service providers.

Consider giving Optimum a try if you live in the tri-state area of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Optimum offers several Internet-only packages with various Internet connection speeds. To see what's available for your home, enter your address here.

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