How to Share Your WiFi Password Between Devices

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Picture this: You have friends over, you’re enjoying each others’ company, and suddenly, one of them asks you to share your WiFi password. Seems simple enough, right? But sharing your WiFi password often feels like an exercise in patience.

Maybe, you begin reciting the convoluted password off of your router and lose your place, forcing yourself to start over. Or perhaps you had the foresight to write your password down-only, you can't seem to differentiate between your Os and zeros. In this day and age, both of these inconveniences are practically universal experiences. But they don't have to be.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can easily (and safely) share WiFi passwords between devices without having to write anything down. Interested in learning more? Below, we'll teach you how to share WiFi between devices quickly-so you can get back to your socializing sooner.

How to Share WiFi on iPhones

If your iPhone is equipped with iOS 11 or later, sharing your password with another nearby iPhone (or any other iOS-equipped device) is incredibly simple. First, you'll need to connect to the WiFi network you intend to share. Then, it's just a matter of sharing your password. Here's how:

1. Turn on Bluetooth 

In settings or from the control panel, turn on your Bluetooth. Have your recipient do the same on their iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. 

2. Sign into iCloud

Next, make sure you're signed into iCloud with your Apple ID. Your recipient also needs to be signed into an iCloud on their device, and both of your email addresses need to be saved in one another's contact lists. 

3. Share Your WiFi Password

Have your intended recipient go to Settings > WiFi and select the network they're trying to access. Then, from your phone, click the small "i" button next to the network name. A prompt will appear, asking whether you want to share your password with the recipient. Tap "share password," and they'll instantly be granted access to your network. 

How to Share WiFi on Android Phones 

Android phones have a built-in feature that allows you to create a QR code to share your password. The exact method of creating this code may vary slightly between devices, but the general process remains the same. Keep reading to learn how to share your WiFi password via your Android device.

1. Log Into Your WiFi Network

On your device, log into the network you intend to share. 

2. Generate Your QR Code

Next, go to Settings > WiFi. (Note: On some Android phones, the pathway may be Settings > Internet or Settings > Connections. Ultimately, you want to get to the WiFi network page.) Tap the cog icon displayed next to your network's name, then click "share network." 

3. Share Your Password

Once you've clicked "share network," a QR code displaying your network name and password will appear on your screen. You can have the recipient manually type in the password, or scan the QR code from their device to be automatically connected to the network. 

How to Share WiFi Between Apple and Android Devices

To share WiFi to an iPhone from an Android device, the process is the same as sharing between Android devices. The reverse, however, isn't as cut-and-dry: You'll need to download a third-party app to share a password from an iPhone to an Android device.

Download a QR App

In order to share WiFi from an iPhone to an Android device, you'll need to download an app that allows you to create a scannable QR code. Fortunately, there are free options available on the App Store, such as Visual Codes. 

1. Enter Your Network Information 

Open the app, and enter your network name and password (depending on the app you choose, additional information may be required). Once you've successfully signed into your network and provided all of the necessary information, you can go ahead and generate your unique QR code. 

2. Share Your Password

Have your recipient scan the QR code to access your WiFi network. 

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