The Ultimate Guide to WiFi 6

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Your home WiFi network is getting an upgrade.

Smart WiFi 6, the next generation of wireless technology, is faster, more reliable, and better at managing multiple connections than previously WiFi technologies like WiFi 5.

How does it all work? Why is WiFi 6 faster? And how can you get it? We break it all down for you.

What is Smart WiFi 6?

Smart WiFi 6 (aka 802.11AX) is the newest version of WiFi, the technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to the Internet. Simply put, WiFi 6 has several new technologies and efficiencies that make it faster than the previous generation, WiFi 5 (aka 802.11AC).

WiFi 6 is built with greater bandwidth and delivers a nearly 3 times faster WiFi experience than previous WiFi standards. Smart WiFi 6 is primed to handle increased WiFi activity, so you experience a more reliable connection even in busy households and congested areas.

Besides speed and its ability to support multiple devices better than WiFi 5, the new WiFi 6 has several other advantages such as:

  • Less lag for better gaming, video conferencing and streaming
  • Better battery management for WiFi 6 devices, allowing for longer use time between charges
  • Better separation of a Smart WiFi 6 network from neighboring networks leading to better performance

What Devices Support WiFi 6?

Smart WiFi 6 was built using smart technology so all your devices perform better. It's also compatible with the latest devices to conserve battery life by reducing unnecessary data activity. It tells them when to put their data to sleep and when to be active for use. In turn, unnecessary data activity is reduced, and performance and battery life are maximized.

You might already have a few WiFi 6 devices. Such as the following devices:

  • Every iPhone since the 11 has supported the standard, as well as, the Samsung Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10, and Note 20 devices.
  • All Apple computers with M1 processors also support Wi-Fi 6.
  • Smart TVs, streaming devices, tablets and more are also available.

How can I get Smart WiFi 6?

Optimum offers Smart WiFi 6 with select Internet packages. It's all powered by Optimum's next generation modem and router, called Optimum Gateway 6.

For those larger homes or congested areas, we even offer Optimum Xtend. It's a WiFi extender that intelligently pairs with your Optimum Gateway to deliver greater whole home WiFi coverage, even in hard-to-reach places. Optimum Xtend is available to rent and is also offered free with select Internet packages.

Interested in learning more? Visit or shop our Internet packages at the link below.

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