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Although younger generations have a more significant online presence than older generations, the Pew Research Center shows that this gap is drastically reducing. Recent Statista research highlights that the share of American Internet users over 65 has grown to over 75%. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is greater demand for finding the most suitable devices for seniors online.

Whether searching for yourself or a loved one, this article will guide you through Optimum’s recommendations for the best computers and laptops for senior citizens.


How We Selected Our Best Computers for Seniors

When it comes to finding the perfect laptop or computer for seniors, a few considerations are specific to the elderly audience. You might want to find the best laptop to video call or email your grandkids or a device that you can easily print from. Equally, you may be looking for a suitable Christmas gift for an elderly relative. Whatever the situation, Optimum's recommendations for the best laptops and computers for seniors, are each rated on the following criteria:



The most important factor to consider in computers for seniors is ease-of-use. Senior populations did not have the luxury of growing up in a digital age and may find it more difficult to navigate new technologies. Therefore, all of the following devices are simple to use.


Typically an attribute for laptops, portability is helpful if you want to use your device in multiple places. Whether you intend to Internet shop from the settee or while on the go. Alternatively, you may prefer the sturdiness of a desktop computer.

Battery life:

Having a good battery life is a vast advantage for seniors as it means you do not have to worry about being near an outlet or having a charger on hand.

Accessibility features:

Senior citizens may require greater assistance when using technology as they are more likely to have visual and hearing difficulties. For instance, visual impairments affect around one in four older adults. Also, The NIH highlighted that hearing impairment impacts one in three individuals aged 65-74 and over 50% of those who are 75+. Features such as voice control and enlarged text can help overcome these complexities.


Price is essential when purchasing a laptop or computer. It is important to consider what you want from your device and what elements are worth investing in, all while sticking within budget.

What are the Best Computers and Laptops for Seniors?

To help you find your next device that fits all of your needs, Optimum has collected a range of different laptops and computers suitable for seniors.

1. HP All-in-One Desktop Computer

The HP All-in-One is an excellent choice for at-home use. Its slick aesthetic and built-in desktop make it slimmer than traditional home PCs. This stylish PC is reasonably priced and has a range of benefits, including a vast 23.8-inch screen and loud professional speakers. The downside of this computer is that it is not the most powerful. However, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for simple tasks such as googling, writing emails, or listening to music.

Portable: No

Battery Life: N/A

Accessibility Features: Ease of Access settings allow you to activate features such as magnification and narration.

Price: from $599

2. HP Pavilion 360 Convertible Laptop

Our following recommendation is HP's portable offering. The HP Pavilion is one of the best laptops for older adults as it is super easy to use. Its hybrid model combines a desktop computer's power with a tablet's portability and flexibility. Its 14" full HD screen is ideal for those wanting that extra crisp display for viewing photos, movies, or video calling relatives. It is also quick to charge and has a long battery life.

Portable: Yes.

Battery Life: 12 hours

Accessibility Features: HP Ease of access settings apply. Cortana, personal productivity assistant.

Price: from $438

3. Apple MacBook Air

No laptop guide would be complete without discussing one of Apple's offerings. The Apple MacBook Air is ideal for senior users with its simple-to-navigate interface and a high-definition screen. The MacBook Air is also exceptionally lightweight, meaning it is easy to transport. This is an added benefit for senior citizens with weakened strength and mobility. There are also accessibility options for reduced mobility, including keyboard and pointer control features. With a wealth of downloadable apps, the opportunities for entertainment, communication, and administrative tasks are endless. You can also control many simple tasks, such as Google search, using Siri, the built-in voice-controlled assistant.

Portable: Yes.

Battery Life: 14 hours

Accessibility Features: Available Mac Features for vision, hearing, motor, and general. Examples include voice control, real-time text (RTT), and sticky keys.

Price: from $999

4. Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 bridges a sturdy desktop computer and a portable laptop. It has high processing power, decent performance, and a durable build. Our favorite features include a fingerprint reader for an extra level of security and a high-definition camera. Although this is a portable option, it is slightly heavier than the other options highlighted, so we recommend using it at a desk with a mouse attached for the most effective use.

Portable: Yes, although better suited on a desk

Battery Life: 10 hours

Accessibility Features: The Acer Aspire 5 uses Windows accessibility features, which include vision, focus, hearing, and dexterity options.

Price: $475

5. Huawei Matebook 13

The lightweight build of the Huawei Matebook 13 makes it an excellent laptop for seniors. This is the perfect choice for those who find motor skills like using a mouse or scrolling on a touchpad tricky. It has a highly tactile and responsive touchscreen, allowing you to easily navigate using one finger and zoom in or out using two. The Huawei Matebook 13 has a sleek and lightweight appearance, making it easily portable. Like the Acer, it uses Windows software and benefits from various accessibility features, including voice control and live captions.

Portable: Yes

Battery Life: 8 hours

Accessibility Features: Responsive touchscreen

Price: from $999 +1 year of Office 365 for free


Should seniors use a laptop or tablet?

Both can benefit seniors as they are lightweight, portable, and high-functioning devices. A tablet can be an excellent choice for individuals struggling with fine motor skills as they have highly reactive touchscreens. Laptops are better suited for more honorous tasks and tend to have larger screens which may be more suitable for visually impaired seniors.

Should seniors use a PC or a Mac?

Both PCs and Macs have similar capabilities and accessibility features suitable for seniors. If you want a cheaper option, PCs are more appropriate. However, if you're willing to pay more, Macs have a sleeker interface and are the better laptops for seniors.

Finding the best laptop isn't the only thing Optimum can help seniors with. Optimum can also help you to find the best mobile phones for seniors. If you’re interested in learning more, Optimum has simple guides on how to get wifi and knowing the difference between satellite Internet vs cable.

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