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A reliable Internet connection is essential to many aspects of daily life. You use it for various things, including email, shopping, banking, streaming, research, and entertainment. Although most people are unaware of the specifics of this constantly evolving technology, they understand they need it. And they need it to be fast.

1 Gig speeds have had a lot of buzz around them. But are they worth it, and what can they accomplish for you? We'll answer the questions below.

Are Gig Speeds Worth It?

The greater bandwidth of gigabit Internet makes it more popular than traditional high-speed data plan. You'll likely need a more powerful Internet plan to handle the extra usage if your household includes multiple people streaming or you are playing online games. As all of these smart devices connect to the WiFi network, smart home consumers may also feel the pain. Some can also require a small amount of your Internet connection, like Google Home or Alexa. Even tiny homes may need a large amount of bandwidth.

The need for fast and dependable Internet has also grown as a result of remote employment and remote education. A network can be greatly strained by multiple people participating in video conversations, logging into work computers from home, and downloading and uploading files. Your home Internet could have been acceptable for leisurely use, but you might discover that it isn't appropriate for distant work, especially if the entire household needs to be online. Because video calls and conferences use a lot of download and upload bandwidth, they can be especially taxing on your network.

What Can You Do with Gigabit Internet?

Tons of activities are suited for the extraordinary speeds that a Gigabit connection offers.


Whether you're streaming on Netflix, YouTube, or online games, you'll experience better performance with 1 Gig speeds. This is especially true if you're streaming 4K content, which often uses four to five times the bandwidth of 1080p. A fast broadband connection can stream videos in 4K. Still, problems arise when several devices attempt to do it simultaneously, causing network congestion.

Immersive Media

Gigabit Internet enables you to fully experience cutting-edge technology like 360-degree films and artificial reality in addition to gaming and streaming. Faster upload and download rates have become more and more desirable as immersive media technology becomes more widely used. Due to the significantly reduced latency provided by 1 gig Internet, immersive virtual world interaction is smoother and more lifelike.

Working Remotely

Most businesses today allow remote employees, and you'll need a reliable Internet connection to satisfy everyday job requirements. Work-related downloads are typically substantial, especially when loading high-resolution photographs or videos, which you may not have noticed before. Network stress is lessened with 1 gig Internet, which gives you more capacity for additional devices.

Cloud-Based Storage

Backing up files, including videos, photos, and games, has traditionally been done via external hard drives and local storage. However, cloud computing is rapidly displacing them becoming the new standard. The only minor drawback is that a quick and reliable connection is required. The answer is 1 Gig Internet; otherwise an external hard drive or USB stick for cloud storage is also an option.

What’s the Fastest Internet from Optimum?

We're bringing the fastest residential fiber Internet service with 8 Gig Optimum Fiber Internet. With our service, consumers can benefit from the same upload and download speeds, higher reliability, and Smart WiFi 6 for improved WiFi coverage throughout the home. You'll enjoy our decreased latency and high resolution (up to 8K) for enhanced connectivity across numerous devices and data-intensive online activities like virtual reality applications, gaming, and more. Those already on our Optimum Fiber network enjoy fast, matching speeds and dependable connectivity. We can't wait to bring even faster service with more bandwidth than ever with our 8 Gig Optimum Fiber Internet speeds.

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