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Picture this:

You're in line at the grocery store. You've been shopping for a while trying to pull together the dinner of a lifetime for your family and it's time to get home and make the meal. You load on all of your groceries and as the cashier is swiping through your food you don't have your wallet!

Now you don’t have to worry about a forgotten or misplaced wallet, because smartphones have the ability to house your credit cards on your phone. With apps and smartphone-specific applications, you can link your bank account to your smartphone to be able to pay on the go. Optimum Mobile has all of the information that you need to get started with mobile payments.

Smartphone in-app mobile pay

Smartphones are consistently evolving to meet consumer needs. Whether it's upgrading the phone camera or how many G's come in a phone's network, your phone is changing with the times.

Now smartphones have the ability to not only serve as a phone, camera, and calendar but a wallet too! Certain smartphones have the ability to house multiple credit and debit cards so that you can leave home without your wallet.

Apple Pay

“Cashless Made Effortless”

Apple is easing your payment experience through their already installed Apple Pay app. Make purchases in the store, online, or through different apps all from your Apple Pay app. Upload your cards to the app and once they are verified through your bank you are able to start shopping. When you're out and about, look for the Apple Pay symbol on the card reader, double click the side button on your iPhone. Use face ID to unlock your cards and hold your phone over the reader. Then your purchase is complete!

You can add your credit and debit cards, public transit cards, concert tickets, and airline boarding passes, all to your Apple Wallet. Receive or send money to your contacts through iMessage. When you're riding public transit you don't need to carry around your subway card anymore, upload your card to your Apple Wallet, and tap your phone every time you take a ride. The public transit feature is available in San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, Washington D.C., Chicago, IL, and Portland, OR. For safety and privacy purposes your transactional information isn't stored on the phone, as well as card numbers. The app uses transactional codes and device-specific numbers, instead of your personal information. The only information kept is for troubleshooting and fraud prevention.

Samsung Pay

With Samsung Pay, you can pay in-person, in your apps, or online, wherever, whenever. You can even earn cashback and rewards through Samsung Pay. Samsung supports over 1000 banks and credit unions. Users can upload their debit, credit, gift, and membership cards all to the smartphone app. Take a picture of the card or the barcode and you're ready to start shopping. Instead of typing out your card information every time you make an in-app or online purchase, with Samsung Pay you can use a pin code, finger scan, or iris scan to pay right away. You can use Samsung Pay on public transit as well, tap to ride in New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, and Portland, OR.

Samsung Pay even has a physical and digital credit card by SoFi called Samsung Money. With the card you can pay from wherever you are in the world and earn Samsung rewards every time you pay with Samsung Pay. There are no account fees or in-network ATM fees. And you can get discounts on Samsung products.

Mobile Pay Apps

Paying a group dinner bill or paying your friends back for that movie last week has gotten so much easier. With mobile pay apps for iOS and Android phones, you're able to send and receive money right at that moment. There are a few apps that you can download to your phone to be able to make payments in real-time.


Paying your friend for brunch has never been so easy! Link your bank account to the Venmo app and pay your friends back or send your landlord your rent, in the moment. Set privacy settings to limit the people who can see your transactions. "Public" so everyone can see it, "Friends" for just friends to see, or "Private" so the person you're sending or receiving money from is the only person to see the transaction. There is a 3% fee if you are sending money through a credit card account. And you can go shopping with your Venmo balance (the amount of money people have sent you in the app) with a Venmo Mastercard.

Cash App

With Cash App, you can send and receive money from friends and family, tip professionals, or donate to an important cause all within the app! Enter a phone number, $CashTag (username), or use a QR code to start the payment process. You can even get your paycheck, direct deposits, and tax returns up to 2 days early with the Cash App routing and account number. Cash App is one of the fastest ways to convert your dollars to Bitcoin and you can start investing in stocks with as little as $1.00.

Just because you're now an expert on mobile pay doesn't mean you should start leaving your wallet at home. But, it does mean that you're ready for anything out there!


Are you getting everything you need from your mobile plan? 

Explore plans 

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