The Top 50 Tech Hub Cities in the US, Ranked

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For individuals who are looking to move to another city, knowing there are good opportunities within the world of technology can be important. Whether you're moving for a new role in digital or want to ensure your new location is readily connected. So, which cities in the US are the most prepared for connectivity and a digital future?

We’ve conducted research looking into the tech hub cities of the US, analyzing and indexing a variety of metrics to determine which city you should move to for the best opportunities based around technology.


The top 10 tech-ready cities in the US for 2021

Looking at information such as the number of tech jobs, number of tech companies, cost of a monthly transport ticket, average commute time, average internet speed and average cost of living, these are the top 10 tech hubs in the US:

Ranking overall as the best tech-ready hub in the US is New York City. Perhaps not a surprise to many, the world-famous city offers the best of both worlds when it comes to opportunities and tech statistics. The highest average internet speed at 190.5 Mbps can be found here along with a staggering 12,038 wifi hotspots. You can be sure to stay connected across New York City.

If searching for work is your number one priority however, look no further than Arlington, in the state of Texas. With more than 700 jobs per 10,000 capita, it ranks the fourth highest of the 50 cities in the index.

The 10 most affordable cities to live in the US for digital jobs


Knowing the average costs of living in a city that you're thinking of locating to is just as, if not more, important than the tech opportunities it possesses. Our research looked into important living costs and pulled together the 10 cheapest cities to live in for digital jobs.

El Paso, Texas, ranked as the cheapest of the 50 cities to live in for a career within the technology industry. Its affordable rental costs, paired with low monthly bills and internet costs make it the stand-out city for a low cost of living at just $997.55.

If you're looking to commute regularly in and out of the city, Albuquerque ranks as having the cheapest monthly transport costs. At $30 it proves to be the most affordable city, being $15 less than its closest competitor.

The 10 best cities in the US to work for digital jobs

When isolating factors that focus on travel time, internet connectivity and job availability, Virginia Beach ranks number one as the city to work in if you have a job in digital.

With low monthly travel costs ($57.50), low average commute time (22.25 minutes) and good average internet speeds (193.1 Mbps), the city has plenty to offer for individuals looking to move there for work.


Top 50 cities for tech jobs in the US

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