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Speed, speed and more speed. Did we say speed? With Optimum high-speed Internet, suffering through buffering is a thing of the past. No buffering. No waiting. No interruptions. Just lightning quick Optimum internet that has been awarded the prestigious "YouTube HD Verified" rating for Optimum's video streaming performance across the country. This great rating means Optimum Online customers can watch more than 90 percent of YouTube videos in High Definition - the smoothest video experience for YouTube users.

With an impressively wide choice of speeds zooming to 400 Mbps, Optimum has a plan to fit nearly every budget and every digital lifestyle. In addition, you can connect at more than 2 million hotspots. It means you can stay connected nearly everywhere including train stations, restaurants, parks, marinas, malls, downtown arenas, sports field and more.

In the New York Tri-State area, Optimum has 1.5 million hotspots, allowing Optimum customers to connect to Optimum Wi-Fi for free.

Hotspots are available in locations that allow you to connect to the Internet at super-fast speeds, just as easily as you can connect with your wireless router at home.

To find an Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot near you, click here. New Optimum Wi-Fi locations are being added frequently, so check back regularly. While at home, Optimum Internet customers can connect to Wi-Fi using their home routers.

Optimum’s Internet also creates a smart home, offering speed and reliability to fuel are your smart home devices.

End the buffer suffer with Optimum Internet

According to research, dreaded buffering reduces your time to watch a video by 40 percent. Forty percent! Watching video is a prime reason you go online. Buffering can really detract from the experience. All those breaks during videos will have you breaking away from the Internet and missing out on viewing your favorite show.

According to research, just a single break because of buffering cuts the amount of video watch to 39 percent. Buffering is a real video buzz kill.

Fortunately, high-speed Optimum banishes the buffer, which is why choosing a high-speed Internet plan like Optimum is essential. What's the point of spending lots of money on the latest networking equipment if your Internet connection goes at a turtle's pace? You can control this by going with Optimum Internet that will connect you to all your favorite entertainment and needs in an instant.

Remember the old saying that good things happen to those who wait. True but not when it comes to the Internet. The waiting game is over with Optimum Internet, which means you will not have to keep waiting for your video to load.

Fast, faster, fastest with outstanding Optimum Offerings

Optimum Internet allows you to stream the shows you love, access you email, and enjoy great gaming through a speedy, secure and reliable experience with unlimited data. How's this for a speedy lineup?

Optimum 300 gives Optimum customers and new Optimum customers a seamless, connected experience. Optimum 300 speed is spot-on for multi-device HD streaming and multi-player gaming. It has up to 300 Mbps.

Optimum 500 is a speedy 500 hitter with power to stream 4K UHD on multiple devices like you’ve never seen before while your home connected devices run in the background. It has up to 500 Mbps.

Optimum 1 Gig is simply the best of the best. It is a speedy workhorse, primed for handling the heaviest network usage activities. It has up to 960 Mbps.

Optimum’s award-winning high-speed Internet

It's not bragging if you can back it up. Did you know?

  • Optimum’s Internet download speeds outperform Verizon
  • Netflix continually ranks Optimum Internet as one of its top Internet speed providers
  • Optimum’s Internet was rated No. 1 in customer satisfaction and No. 1 in reliability
  • YouTube Verified. That’s right, Optimum delivers smooth playback when watching your favorites.

Optimum Internet in optimal locations

Optimum Internet has spread to four states and a few more. Optimum Internet can be found in New York - Optimum's largest coverage area - along with Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut as well as other states.

Optimum Internet by the Numbers

  • 173,745,143 Customers Served
  • 66,746,718 Homes Served
  • 1000 Mbps download speed
  • 577 cities served in New York

Other cities served by Optimum include Palm Harbor, Florida; Novi, Michigan; Kokomo, Indiana; Fair Oaks, California; El Centro, California; Dublin, Ohio; Warren, Ohio; Pacifica, California; Buena Park, California; Gilbert, Arizona; La Verne, California; East Lake, Florida; Jonesboro, Arkansas; and Texarkana, Arkansas.

Need a phone? Bundle it with our high-speed internet and TV to save money.

With high-speed Internet from Optimum, your options include more than a great online experience with super-fast upload speeds and just as quick download speeds. Our blazing fast fiber Internet delivers residential customers the option to have a home phone that can't be matched. Not even DSL that is provided by a phone company provider equals all that we offer.

Optimum's Home Phone connections are crystal clear, plus there's unlimited calling with no surprise fees. Of course, that offer shouldn't surprise you since it's from Optimum. We're so focused on the best customer services that with Optimum Home Phone you even get the peace-of-mind from having E-911 service. Now if there's ever an emergency; police, fire and ambulance responders know exactly where you are located. It's always there for you. So, if you need a home phone, this calls for Optimum.

Optimum high-speed internet is in high demand.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about internet speeds and types of internet menus you have to select from Optimum. Even more importantly, we think you know why Optimum is your top pick for Internet plans that are customized for you and your family. To order Optimum Internet service online today, visit What you get is Internet that travels at the speed of life. Speed now to Optimum Internet.

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