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Recent findings state that there are 4.66 billion active Internet users around the world. As the Internet is available 24/7 with huge amounts of blogs, video uploads and music downloads occurring every second, the digital footprint of uploaded content grows each day at a mind-boggling rate. It can be difficult to quantify and understand this amount of content.

To help bring these numbers into perspective, we wanted to visualize how much content is uploaded across the world’s most popular platforms every day.

By researching 10 of the world’s largest digital platforms, from Twitter to HBO Max, we were able to calculate exactly how much content is uploaded every 24-hour period and the length of time it would take you to view it all.



How much content is uploaded on the web each day?

In 2021, technology and the Internet make up a huge part of our day-to-day lives. Whether that's checking what the weather is like outside, online shopping or catching up on the latest episodes of our favorite series, we spend plenty of time surfing the web.

So, exactly how much of this content that we view and engage with each day is shared on our favorite platforms?

From Instagram stories and Facebook videos to Twitch streams and Reddit threads, here’s how much content is uploaded to the Internet every single day:

Breaking these platforms down into different content formats (video content, written content and images), we can see that video is the leading form of uploaded content from the platforms we included in the study.

That’s 100,000,004,948,245.3 hours between Twitch uploads, YouTube videos, HBO Max content, Facebook videos and Instagram stories alone.

Use the key to see how a day of digital content uploads is split across the different formats below:


How long would it take to view a day’s worth of content uploads on the Internet?

Using the results of our research that outlines the sheer amount of content being created and published online, next we determined how long it would take to watch all of this content.

Viewing entertainment platforms HBO Max and Netflix would take the shortest amount of time to consume. HBO Max has, on average, 35.61 hours of viewable content posted to the platform each day. This equates to a full 1.48 day marathon of content viewing to keep up to date.

With 100,000,000 hours of videos shared on Facebook every day, it would take you 4,166,666.66 days - or 11,407.94 years! - to watch all of these videos. Our research shows that each of our own daily consumption of digital content is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the full amount of daily uploaded content. Use the filter table below to see exactly how long it takes, from seconds to months, to view 24 hours of uploads across all 10 platforms:



To discover how long it would take to watch, view, and/or digest a day of content uploaded on the Internet, using the Google search engine we gathered statistics on popular Internet and social media platforms. For consistency across all 10 platforms/formats we looked at, a "content view" was set at an average of 10 seconds.

During time conversion, the first two decimal places were used.

All data collected September 2021. Full data and sources available on request.

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