Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week

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Cyber attacks and breaches over the last decade have become increasingly more sophisticated. Stuxnet rocked the world and launched us into a new era of cyber warfare. WannaCry was abruptly, and accidentally, stopped by the purchasing of a $10.69 domain. Cybersecurity expertise is now an invaluable skill in the new digital world.

Cyber Security Career Awareness week is designed to bring attention to contributions and innovations cybersecurity professionals make to society. Additionally, this week brings awareness to the various cybersecurity job opportunities offered across the country.

In today's global society, cybersecurity plays a vital role in enhancing personal, corporate, and national security and promoting economic prosperity. This week is a time for educators, employers, parents and others to help people understand the role cybersecurity plays in our global society, as well as how building a cybersecurity workforce can enhance and promote economic prosperity.

Cybersecurity Career Week Goals and Objectives

The goals of Cybersecurity Awareness Career Week are to:

  • Inspire, Engage, and Inform society – Help the public to understand the demand, opportunities, and numerous career options within the cybersecurity field
  • Demystify Cybersecurity Careers – Help raise awareness of the pathways available in preparing a highly-skilled, diverse workforce for a career in cybersecurity
  • Develop a Skilled and Diverse Workforce – Showcase and support successful programs and resources that increase the participation of women, minorities, veterans, persons with disabilities, and more

The objectives that Cybersecurity Awareness Career Week seek to establish are:

  • Raise public awareness and increase engagement to build a strong cybersecurity workforce
  • Emphasize the demand and opportunities in cybersecurity
  • Increase awareness around the multiple career options within cybersecurity field. Highlight the multiple pathways to enter the cybersecurity career field
  • Showcase resources and programs, including those that increase participation of women, minorities, veterans, persons with disabilities, and other underrepresented populations in the cybersecurity workforce

The Advantages of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity offers something for everyone as the necessary skills from a diverse range of backgrounds are always needed in this dynamic field. The position and skills needed are constantly and quickly evolving ensuring that you will never be bored, but instead consistently learning and developing new skills.

The demand for a skilled and talented cybersecurity workforce is in high demand and the Department of Labor forecasts that IT and cybersecurity will be among the fastest growing and best-paying jobs over the coming decade. Cybersecurity will play a vital role for everyone.

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