Is it Time to Upgrade Your Phone?

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If there is anything that advances quickly, it is technology. This is especially evident when it comes to gadgets like cell phones. If you are considering upgrading your mobile phone, it is important to understand the process, as well as what phone qualities are important to you, prior to choosing which phone to upgrade to.

Do You Need a Cell Phone Upgrade?

Everyone has different styles and desires when it comes to what they want in a phone. It is important to consider the non-negotiables for you, such as features your phone must have as well as expected performance. Once you have figured out what that looks like, you need to know how much better your potential future phone is compared to your current one and if it is worth the cost.

One of the main considerations should be how old your phone is. If your phone is only a year old, chances are it has similar processing speeds, camera specs, and security features and the newest devices out there. If your device is several years old and many releases have come and gone since your purchase, you are most likely missing out on the best updates and latest upgrades.

Another factor to think about is what type of phone you typically buy. High-end devices such as iPhone, Galaxy, and Google Pixel release new models often, boasting the faster processors, high-definition screens, and batteries that both charge fast and last long. Manufacturers typically provide software updates for three to four years. If you opt for a cheaper, older phone, its features might be outdated due to the phone's manufacturer no longer supporting software and security upgrades.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Cell Phone

The main reasons to upgrade your cell phone have to do with usability and performance. Examples include having a phone that's battery dies quickly, not being able to install the latest software updates, or apps crashing often.

Even if all seems well, it is possible you might still need an upgrade if it has been two2 or 3 three years since you purchased a new phone. During that time, phones have changed significantly when it comes to screen size, display resolution, camera size and quality, and even portability.

What Phone Should You Upgrade To?

One of the top factors to consider is the cost of the phone. Also, deciding which features are important to you can help you narrow down your options. If you need a professional-level camera, only consider mobile phones that have that. If you commute to work via train and stream often, maybe consider phones with large screens only. Take into consideration the operating system and device manufacturer if you often gravitate towards one.

How to Upgrade Your Phone

If you are purchasing a phone outright, you can buy directly from the manufacturer at any time and pay full price.

If you are interested in upgrading through Optimum Mobile via a monthly-payment agreement, you can do so interest free over the course of 36 months. Qualified customers do not need to put any money down. Additionally, if you pre-order phones such as models from Samsung, Apple, or Motorola, you can get a few hundred dollars off the overall price.

We hope this article helps you in your quest for your next mobile phone!


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