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Do you want to enhance your videos as soon as you record them? Do you want to make your footage pop without being bound to a desk? Video editing apps are here to help. Statista research shows that the video editing software market reached $779.8 million in revenue in 2018 and is expected to grow to $930+ million by 2025. This growth, combined with advancements in mobile technology, has enabled video editing tools to be accessible to all. Video editing apps facilitate the ability for anyone to quickly create gold-standard videos using one device.

These apps are a game-changer as you can enhance, save and upload captivating content straight from your phone. Moreover, most video editing apps do not have to come with a heavy price tag, meaning they can be available to anyone. Now let's get the show on the road. Here are Optimum’s best video editing apps to help you create your showstopper.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush takes centerstage as one of the best video editing apps on iPhone and Android. From simple edits like adding text and color enhancements to more advanced tools such as caption generation, Premiere Rush provides a vast array of options to help you develop professional-grade videos with relative ease. We love that you can easily upload, chop, crop, and change your clips using the drag-and-drop feature. There are several tools and templates to help beginners and those looking to improve their skills, such as customizable animated titles, stickers, and intuitive color presets. Finally, this editing app is a social media lover's dream, as it automatically converts your video clip into the specific ratios needed for each platform. So, if you need simple-to-use yet highly advanced software to produce awe-inspiring TikTok videos, this video editing app is for you.

The range of functions and advanced software makes Premiere one of the best editing apps for both amateurs and professionals. As with all Adobe creative apps, Adobe Premiere Rush is subscription based. Although not the cheapest choice, the simple-to-use interface and the endless innovative functions make Adobe Premiere Rush worth the investment.

Price: Premiere Rush Starter: Free Adobe express: $9.99 a month. All Creative Cloud Apps: $54.99 a month.

Platforms: Available on iOS and Android.

2. Magisto

If you're starting with video editing and are unsure which app is best for you, then Magisto is a great place to begin. The easy-to-use interface and a host of ready-made templates make this app perfect for effortless editing. This intuitive app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help order your photos and video clips, pinpointing the most valuable content to create the story you want to tell. What's more, Magisto has an array of video editing tools, including auto-cropping, merging, and trimming, as well as customization tools for text, music, and filters. Several price packages are available based on the number of styles, length of the video, and watermark presence. Whether it's a travel video or an event invitation, Magisto has the power to help construct your masterpiece.

Price: basic: 7-day free trial, premium: $9.99 per month, professional: $19.99 per month, business: $69.99 per month

Platforms: Available on iOS and Android.

3. LumaFusion

The next video editing app in the limelight is a favorite of professional filmmakers and journalists, and we can see why. While LumaFusion includes all the basic tools like overlaying text, adding audio, and color correction, it is perhaps the most advanced video editing app on the market. LumaFusion has a vast set of powerful tools, including a multitrack editor which allows you to edit up to six visual and audio clips at once. Using the timeline, you can insert, annotate, link, and overwrite clips seamlessly. A multi-select tool enables you to copy, paste and cut sections into other projects. LumaFusion comes at a one-off payment, with several optional in-app purchases, such as Final Cut Pro export and integration. LunaFusion works best on iPad, but its interface is still compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

Price: one-time payment: $29.99 in-app purchases available.

Platforms: Available on iOS and Android.

4. PowerDirector

If you're after a comprehensive video editing app without a large price tag, then PowerDirector is for you. PowerDirector is a free video editor with a straightforward interface, allowing all abilities to create spectacular video content. The app has a range of intuitive tools, including the video stabilizer, which fixes shaky footage, a chroma-key green-screen tool to replace backgrounds, and a speed adjustment feature. We also love its AI object detection feature, which allows you to remove and mask unwanted background objects in your footage. PowerDirector also provides hundreds of free video templates, effects, and audio accompaniments to help you organize, customize and elevate your content. The free PowerDirector version includes a full suite of video editing features, and, the premium options provide a host of extra benefits, including access to premium plug-ins and unlimited access to thousands of backgrounds and templates.

Price: free, premium, and in-app features available.

Platforms: Available on iOS and Android.

5. InShot

The InShot app is an all-in-one video and photo editing app designed to help you develop influencer-inspired showpiece. It has a host of basic editing and enhancement tools, such as trimming, cropping, reversing, and adjusting the speed of your video. It also has several advanced features like a color picker which allows you to choose a color from your footage and apply it to text and backgrounds. It has a Picture-in-Picture tool (PIP) enabling layering to stitch together video collages. What's more, the voice changer tool allows you to record and change voice-overs for a fun and personalized finish. InShot is a comprehensive video editing tool for basic and advanced videos and photos, from backgrounds and filters to stickers and memes. You can also easily export your HD and 4K videos to social media.

Price: free, premium features available.

Platforms: Available on iOS and Android.

If you're looking for more apps to stay creative or keep you entertained, check out Optimum's guides to the best drawing apps, multiplayer mobile games, and podcast streaming.

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