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Planning your next trip can seem daunting. Coordinating flights, places to stay, and making itineraries; there's a lot to do. But did you know you can make things easier by booking, planning, and monitoring all of your travel details through your phone?

There’s no need to go through a travel agent anymore! Through different phone apps, you can make travel arrangements with just a few clicks. Optimum Mobile has a round-up of the best travel apps to get you started on your next adventure. 



Best flight booking apps

Have you decided on your destination? Whether you're visiting family or ticking off a bucket list vacation, you'll want to find the best apps for cheap flights. There are a lot of airlines like United, Southwest, and American that use apps to give flight information, but there are also apps that will compare different airlines and hotels to find the best prices.


Kayak is the mobile travel agent you've been waiting for. The free app looks through hundreds of travel sites to find you the best flights, hotel arrangements, rental cars, and vacation packages to fit your perfect trip itinerary.


It would be so nice if there was a way for us to predict the best flight prices. Luckily, the Hopper app can do just that for free! With 95% accuracy, Hopper can predict future flights and hotel prices. It will send you a notification when the prices and flights you are looking for become available. Hopper will even help you avoid fees if you have to rebook a delayed or missed connecting flight. Booking your flight has never been easier!


Vacation rental apps

Now that you've booked your flight, it's time to find a place to stay. You'll want to be comfortable and have plenty of room if you're not traveling alone. With the rental apps listed below, you can find the right space for your vacation.


Are you looking for an apartment in Los Angeles or a farmhouse stay in Virginia? Either way, Airbnb has you covered. On the free app, take a look through the rental companies' repertoire of places and filter based on location, type of space, or even a spot that allows pets. Airbnb also allows you to book experiences in your current city or your next destination. And if you're not ready to travel just yet, you can book an online experience and try something new from your own home.


If you and your family are looking for a place to enjoy your time together on vacation, VRBO is the perfect place to find a rental. VRBO is a free app that prides itself on bringing loved ones together for a family getaway filled with relaxing and reconnecting. Your family will have a wide array of places to choose from, with over 2 million bookable spaces you can access. Enjoy homes and condos with full amenities and extra features like waterfront views or a private pool.



Airport apps

If you're taking to the skies this trip, make sure you have all of your information together before you get to the airport. With the airport information apps we've listed, you can make flying easier than ever.


Have all of your information in one spot with the Tripit app. Start by forwarding any confirmation email to the app, and it will instantly add it to your trip. That means when you open your app, you can see your flight information, car rental confirmation, and hotel bookings. Access them at any time to make your trips through the airport or rental parking lot painless. You can sign up for a free account with the Tripit app and for the Pro version it is $49.00 per year.


Airport visits can feel stressful, but you can save time and money by getting all your information from the MyTSA app. It will answer your pre-flight questions! Check how busy the airport will be on specific days, learn how to sign up for TSA precheck, look for flight delay information, and more. With 24/7 access and live assistance, you can head to the airport with ease. The MyTSA app is free for all users.


Tour guide apps

Everything's all lined up! But wait, what are you going to do while you're there? Explore your getaway spot with the help of the tour apps listed. Visit all of the well-known spots or hidden gems to make a well-rounded experience.

Lonely Planet

Do you need a tour guide for your new location? The Lonely Planet app acts as a guide that sits right on your phone. The free app is filled with tips and advice from experts to explore every part of your vacation destination. Learn about must-see spots, different neighborhoods, transportation options, and so much more with the Lonely Planet app.


If you’re the type of person that likes to take recommendations from friends about places to go and things to do, the Tripadvisor app is perfect for you. The free appl allows travelers across the world use Tripadvisor to give reviews on places they've visited. And hundreds of other travelers can discover the recommendations and plan their trips accordingly. There are over 9 million reviews for nearly 8 million businesses, so you'll be able to make the most of your trip.

Make your dream vacation a reality all from your phone. Happy traveling!


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