Best Holiday Podcasts for Traveling

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The holiday season is here, it’s time to make family memories and eat delicious food. But, it also means traveling to wherever you’re celebrating this year. Those long car or plane rides can seem to take an eternity, but when you have the right podcast, the time flies by. Whether podcasts are your favorite medium or you’re trying to get into them, they are great to listen to while traveling. Optimum Mobile has a list of the best podcasts to make your holiday travels more enjoyable.



What are the best podcasts for holiday travel?

Dare to Lead

If you’re interested in a motivational podcast or something to challenge your perspective, the Dare to Lead podcast is what you’re looking for. Research professor Brene Brown encourages the world to choose “courage over comfort.” Her podcast is based on her New York Times bestselling book of the same name. The Dare to Lead podcast is a mix of solo episodes where Brown speaks to the audience herself and conversations with industry leaders who aim to shift culture. The conversations center around creating change and innovation to build a better world. Learn something new from new voices and familiar ones. With hours of conversations available for streaming, you’ll have plenty of conversation starters at the dinner table.

Where can I listen to Dare to Lead?

Dare to Lead is a Parcast Original and is available on Spotify.

Modern Love

You hopeless romantics out there will feel right at home with the New York Times’ Modern Love. Adapted from the paper’s Modern Love column, this podcast recites the compelling essays that made this weekly essay so popular. These thirty minute stories are about love, loss, and how love shapes us. Whether it’s platonic love between friends, the relationship between siblings, or finally meeting the love of your life, you’ll walk away from each episode with a heartwarming feeling—and perhaps a little teary-eyed. Can’t get enough? You can also stream the Amazon Prime show, Modern Love, adapted from the New York Times column and podcast.

Where can I listen to Modern Love?

Start streaming Modern Love on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

This American Life

Whether you're sitting alone in your car or surrounded by people in a train car, there are plenty of stories around you. And the weekly radio show hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life, aims to tell them all. Each week they choose a theme and use their journalistic skills to report stories surrounding the topic. You can learn something new from a slice of life you may not encounter in your everyday life. With over 700 episodes available for streaming, there is no shortage of stories to listen to while traveling.

Where can I listen to This American Life?

Start listening to This American Life on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public.

Rotten Mango

True crime lovers will have their journey filled with exciting stories and all things spooky with Stephanie Soo’s podcast, Rotten Mango. Listen to Soo deep dive into gruesome killers, dark crimes, and even lesser-known criminals worldwide. The chilling true crime stories include a touch of comedy, so you won't be too scared unless you're making your way through a foggy graveyard.

Where can I listen to Rotten Mango?

You can start streaming Rotten Mango on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

The Big Picture

Pop culture aficionados will enjoy listening to Sean Fennessey discuss the latest movies on The Ringer’s podcast, The Big Picture. Follow along as Fennessey talks to filmmakers, discusses movies in the Oscars race, industry trends, and reviews of the newest movies to hit theatres. Pick between episodes centering around movies that you've seen or stream episodes to learn about a movie on your to-watch list.

Where can I listen to The Big Picture?

You can start streaming The Big Picture on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.



Depending on your travel methods you may want to download your podcast before heading out. On planes you'll have to put your phone on "airplane mode," so you won't have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data, downloading the podcast is a must if you want to listen on the plane ride. You may experience connectivity issues on a train so you can download podcasts just to be safe. Once you've downloaded and are ready to travel, it's time to start listening.

Your travel time doesn't have to be filled with silence or conversations with seatmates you wish you could get out of. If you're wondering where to start streaming podcasts, you can check out our article on the Best Apps to Stream Podcasts.

Happy holidays and happy streaming!


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