8 Reasons to Customize Ringtones

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8 benefits of custom ringtones for your mobile phone 

Do you think customizing your ringtones is an unnecessary hassle or a silly indulgence? Think again. If you're not taking advantage of custom ringtones, you might be holding yourself back from getting the most out of your phone's features.  

Customizing your ringtones and alerts can help you tailor and streamline your communications to fit your life, so you always know exactly who's calling. Keep reading and consider ways you can strive to never miss an important call again. 

1. Identify your loved ones and close circle. 

Assign specific sounds to signal when people close to you are trying to reach you. Maybe you want to have a certain ringtone play to distinguish when family or friends are calling, or maybe you want to give each person in your life a "theme song" so you know who's calling without even picking up your phone. Either way, custom ringtones keep you in the know. 

2. Be safer while you drive. 

Do your part to encourage safety-both for yourself and the people around you-and be responsible while driving, which includes going hands-free with your phone. After all, handheld cell phone use while operating a car is a key contributor to distracted driving, which kills thousands of Americans every year. Instead, you can use phone features such as custom ringtones to know who's calling and keep your eyes on the road. 

3. Better work-life balance via boundaries. 

Smartphones keep getting smarter. Today’s Android phones let you create different profiles around particular applications and messages, so you can set boundaries around work versus personal contacts, applications, and data. Apple iOS lets you do something similar through its version of work and personal profiles that you can add to your phone. For both operating systems, you can adjust the sounds-including the ringtones and alerts-associated with each profile. 

4. Filter out spam calls 

You may need to get creative with how you do this. If you set custom ringtones for your most frequent contacts, then your default ringtone for unknown callers can be distinct and tip you off to a stranger calling. And if you keep receiving spam calls from the same number, you can designate a specific ringtone to alert you when they call-or even download a silent ringtone to minimize disruptions.  

5. Rely on extra loud or easy-for-you-to-hear ringtones. 

Smartphones offer settings to adjust the volume of your ringtones and message sounds. If there are particular sounds that you hear better than others, consider changing your ringtones to match; for example, a lot of people lose the ability to reliably hear higher pitches, and so maybe a deeper ringtone might be better suited for you. Additionally, you can download so-called "extra loud ringtones" on Google Play or the Apple App Store, which may be even easier to hear than the standard tones that come with your phone. 

6. Set an alarm that works for you. 

Maybe you want to wake up to the sweet sounds of 1960s soul music, or perhaps you need a really pushy buzzer noise to get you out of bed. Customizing the tones in your phone can get you the alarm sound experience you need to live your best life-and make sure the alarm works for you. Scientists have actually researched the best sounds to wake up to so you can feel alert and refreshed, with melodic alarms rating higher than loud beeping noises.  

7. Everyone always forgets about vibrations. 

You don't need to rely on a piercing sound or song to sound your alarm. You can choose to just have a vibration or add one on to an existing ring tone or alarm so it's even more effective at alerting you. Some smartphones even code vibration patterns to match their default ringtones, offering you the ability to customize the vibration patterns for each caller. 

8. Express yourself. 

Just like you customize your phone case, you can customize the sounds your phone makes into a statement of your personal style or what you like. These sounds are part of your daily life; take advantage of your customization options and make them work for you. 

Bonus: you can even flaunt the awesome speakers your smartphone comes with. Newer phones keep raising the bar on sound quality alongside their high portability, letting you revel in the music, video, or conversations that play out on your phone. 

Ready to customize your alerts and ringtones? Be sure to check out our guide to changing your ringtones and message sounds. 


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