What is Fiber Internet?

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. In fact, light speed is the equivalent of 186,000 miles per second and over 670 million miles per hour. At that rate, you could travel seven-and-a-half times around the earth . . . in just one second.

Scientists and inventors have long thought of light speed as the "fourth dimension" - a powerful element that may even lead to time travel. While it is thought impossible to travel at the speed of light, NASA has conducted tests involving electromagnetic fields, magnetic explosions and wave-particle interactions to accelerate space travel.

Time and space travel aside, scientists have successfully found a way to apply the power of light - communications. Glass fibers are used to transmit light pulses over long distances for everything from phone calls to Internet data. To date, this is the fastest Internet form of data transmission. And this new technology is helping to enhance Internet experiences.

How does fiber optic Internet work?

Simply put, fiber Internet uses fiber optic cables (or fiber optic lines) to send and receive Internet data and other types of Internet information through WiFi setups. Renowned tech author Trevor Wheelwright might have (briefly) summed it up best:

"Tiny strands of plastic or glass, about the width of a human hair, are bound together into cables and transmit coded signals in pulses of light. These cables, called fiber-optic cables, can give you the fastest Internet service available in the world today.
Other forms of Internet, like DSL Internet and cable Internet service, transmit electrical information through copper lines — which can be fast, but new fiber-optic technology is way faster.

How reliable is fiber optic Internet?

Both fiber-optic cable connections and copper lines use binary signals. Binary is a number system where the combination of only two numbers in sequence - 0 being "off" and 1 being "on" - represent more complex symbols or instructions. This method of data transmission makes fiber Internet the best option for fast speeds and reliability."

Fiber Internet is often referred to as "the gold standard of residential Internet connections" and with good reason. The benefits are many and the future continues to be bright.

But isn’t glass highly breakable?

In data transmission applications, fiber optic glass breakage is rare. These fiber cables are over-engineered to handle demanding conditions and challenging installations. In fact, the military even uses fiber cables to keep lines of communication open even in the roughest conditions.

Does fiber Internet need a modem?

Your fiber optics Internet doesn't require a modem. Your Optical Network Unit would work as the modem, but the system may require a router.

How fast is fiber Internet?

The fastest form of broadband Internet (high speed Internet) technology, fiber Internet offers even faster speeds than satellite Internet, digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet and other forms of Internet connections. Some Internet service providers (ISPs) offer fiber Internet access at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), and 500 megabits per second (Mbps) is becoming the norm in some areas of the country.

Fiber optic Internet service from fiber optic Internet providers,/a> offers much faster Internet speeds over much greater distances than traditional copper wired Internet networks like DSL and cable. Depending on your ISP, you can expect to receive the best broadband Internet speeds available. Best of all, fiber networks are designed for the future - even if speeds become 1000 times faster than the current rates, fiber optics will be ready to transmit them.

Woman using technology in her room Is fiber Internet better?

Fiber Internet offers a long list of user benefits, including:

Easily stream video and audio files.

Whether you are streaming a movie on Netflix, listening to streaming audio on Radio Paradise or watching YouTube videos, fiber Internet has plenty of bandwidth to make it happen.

Get a high-security Internet connection.

Fiber optic cables offer a much more secure Internet connection than copper wire Internet connections which can be more easily compromised and lead to signal hacking. 

Enjoy faster upload speeds and download speeds.

With fiber Internet, you can easily upload and download files at the same time. This includes Internet files, cable TV, and even phone applications.Be more competitive at online gaming. If you're an online gamer, you may have experienced problems with "latency" when using the Internet - a delay between pressing your controller button and your on-screen character taking action. Fiber optic networks help to resolve this issue and make it feel like you are playing in "real time".

Avoid signal interference.

Fiber optic connections are virtually immune to signal interference that can be caused by radio and electromagnetic frequencies. 

Depend on the technology.

Since fiber Internet transfers data through light signals, there is less wear and tear on the cables. In addition, Copper cables are susceptible to fire and extreme weather conditions that can affect the data transmission and connectivity. DSL Internet also uses vibrational signals to send data which can begin to wear down copper cables over time.

Pay less, get more. 

Fiber Internet connections have become more affordable due to the large-scale production of fiber optic cables from fiber providers around the world. 

How much is fiber Internet?

Plans with Optimum Internet start at $49.99 a month. Provide your location information to find the perfect plan for your family.

Look to the future.

Fiber optic technology continues to expand in all areas. You can trust that the high performance Internet service you are enjoying now will continue for years to come.

Where is fiber Internet available?

Simplify your search for great internet, find out where you can access fiber Internet with HighSpeedInternet.com.

Why fiber Internet could be future proof.

Many Internet experts are indicating that fiber Internet may never become obsolete. In fact, they are predicting that fiber is so future-proof that most people will have to update their electronics before upgrading the fiber itself.

Says one Internet network architect:

"Another way to look at it is you've got a road to your house, and today you've got a gas car," he said. "Tomorrow you might be driving a hybrid, and then after that you'll be buying electric. It's the same road. And with fiber, you're building a data highway. Over time, you're going to upgrade what vehicles you run on that data highway, but you're not going to update the fiber."

These experts also cite fiber’s outstanding capacity as another reason why many are calling it “the final frontier of high speed Internet.”

In addition to offering high performance Internet speeds, fiber cable is also environmentally friendly, making it sustainable for the future. Sending a flash of light across a fiber optic cable takes significantly less energy than sending electrical signals through copper cables and coaxial cables. This means less carbon output, lower emissions and greener operations.

Finally, fiber optic cables are used in hundreds of industries, including imaging optics for medical applications, digital signage, SONAR and many others. As these industries continue to progress, new fiber optics developments are coming - and Internet providers will be watching.

From all indications, fiber Internet is not only a great choice for high speed Internet now – it’s an Internet technology that is designed and built for future online applications.

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