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Spring is here, are you ready for some change? Sometimes spring cleaning can turn into spring rearranging and redesigning… and redoing everything.

Luckily, several popular home improvement shows are available on a variety of streaming services. European entries Escape to the Chateau and The Great House Revival,, new school series Selling Sunset and Full Bloom, even a series from organization expert Marie Kondo-there's no shortage of house flipping, home renovation, and interior decoration shows to stream.

For DIY home improvement tips and decorating inspiration, Optimum has a list of the perfect shows to binge on your streaming service of choice.

Home Improvement Shows on Netflix

Netflix is known for bingeable reality shows that cover every facet of life, from organizing and decorating your home. Whether you're rearranging your clothing drawers or creating the ultimate closet space, the following shows can both entertain you and help declutter your life.

Home Renovation & House Flipping Shows on Netflix

Tiny House Nation (Trailer)

Join renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they help people turn their tiny house dreams into tiny house reality. And we mean tiny: the homes Weisbarth and Giffin design and build are 500-square-feet or less. Tiny House Nation is a nice break from the huge houses (and prices!) that so many home improvement shows focus on.

Selling Sunset (Trailer)

If you want to see beautiful houses with eye-watering prices, look no further than Selling Sunset. The series follows the agents of the Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate firm in Los Angeles. The series is full of luxury homes to gawk at, and watching a group of young brokers navigate the surreal world of LA real estate is very entertaining.

Interior Design Shows on Netflix

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Trailer)

Does everything in your home spark joy? If not, it's time to reevaluate. Tidying expert and best-selling author Marie Kondo helps people simplify their homes. Whether they're a retired couple or busy parents with kids, Kondo helps her clients make their homes cozy and organized again, with the ultimate spring cleaning experience. Her methods and precise folding techniques have become so prevalent that her name has become a verb.

Get Organized with The Home Edit (Trailer)

Wish you could have a cute and organized home like Reese Witherspoon or Eva Longoria? Well you might be able to do it! Joanna and Clea are expert celebrity home organizers. Take a peek into your favorite celebrity's closets and watch Joanna and Clea turn their cluttered places into stunning spaces! Warning: binging the show may lead to a trip to the Container Store, where the duo have a line of products to contain and organize nearly any space.

Home Improvement Shows on Hulu

Hulu's library of TV shows runs a mile long. And they have some of the most popular home improvement shows on TV!

If you're looking for shows on house flipping and home renovation, Hulu has you covered. Stream your favorite couples and favorite exes flipping homes while trying to maintain their busy lives. If interior design is more your thing, don't fret: Hulu has plenty of shows on every aspect of home decor.

The Great House Revival (Trailer)

Join Irish architect Hugh Wallace as he helps six Irish homeowners renovate and restore their homes. These homes don't require just a simple update: many of them are over 100-years-old and require serious work to meet the standards of modern living. Wallace guides the renovations, all while ensuring the properties retain their unique Irish architectural heritage.

Save My Reno (Trailer)

A fun mix of Flip or Flop's cash-consciousness and Fixer Upper's expert renovations, Save My Reno follows contractor Sebastian Clovis and designer Sabrina Smelko on their quest to save homeowners from overpriced renovations. The two are experts at getting the most out of any space, whether it's creating an open main floor or updating a kitchen from the 1960s.

Interior Design Shows on Hulu

The Apartment (Trailer)

One of the longest-running reality TV shows in Asia, The Apartment is Project Runway meets interior design. Instead of clothes, 12 designers decorate one room a week, with a panel of judges deciding the best. The end prize? A luxury apartment in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Home Improvement Shows on HBO Max

HBO Max has become a go-to platform for the latest in movies and edgy television shows. But, did you know they've been cleaning up in the reality TV department? They've created interesting design competitions that will make you want to run to the store to spruce up every room in your house.

Stylish with Jenna Lyons (Trailer)

Reality competition meets home improvement in HBO Max’s original show. Jenna Lyons is the former president of J. Crew, a fashion designer, and a business woman. So she knows a few things about taste and style. In her show, Stylish with Jenna Lyons, she is building a design team to help her clients revamp their homes. Each week she tests potential team members to see who has what it takes to stay on the team while creating beautiful designs and spaces for her clients.

Full Bloom (Trailer)

Need something comforting to watch and beautiful to look at? Full Bloom is probably the show for you!

HBO Max’s original competition show, Full Bloom, brings 10 professional florists to Los Angeles. Through team and solo challenges, these florists test their skills to see who can create the ultimate floral pieces. The last florist standing at the end will receive a $100,000 grand prize.

Home Improvement Shows on Peacock

NBC's streaming service, Peacock, has all of your favorite shows from NBC, Bravo, and so many more. And their collection of reality shows is just as plentiful. Peacock has home improvement shows that will make you reassess what you're doing with your properties.

Home Renovation & House Flipping Shows on Peacock

Flipping Out (Trailer)

No need to flip out, leave that to Jeff Lewis.

Jeff Lewis is a high strung Los Angeles real estate agent. When the housing market began to downturn he shifted his priorities. He slowed down on flipping properties and decided to increase his design consulting business. On Flipping Out, viewers follow Jeff and his team as they make each client’s design dreams come true.

Escape to the Chateau (Trailer)

As home improvement reality shows go, Escape to the Chateau is a unique series. It focuses on one couple, Dick and Angel Strawbridge, and one house, the 19th century French Chateau de la Motte-Husson. Over the course of 8 seasons, the couple purchases and renovates the vast, dilapidated chateau, all while starting an event-hosting business on the grounds. Unlike most home improvement shows, which whip from one house to the next, Escape to the Chateau turns the titular country house into a character all its own.

Cash Pad (Trailer)

Bachelor franchise couple Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers join forces with homeowners who are ready to turn their drab, unused properties into short-term rentals. Watch Jojo and Jordan put their relationship to the test… oops! Wrong show. Watch Jojo and Jordan transform plain spaces into beautiful vacation-ready rentals!

Is Home Improvement the TV Show on any Streaming Service?

Surprisingly, the classic Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement isn't available as a part of any streaming service. But you're not completely out of luck. All 8 seasons are available to buy via digital storefronts like Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and the Google Play Store. Expect to pay $14.99 for each season.

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