Best Movies to Stream with Mom

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Best Movies to Stream with Mom

Raising a soon-to-be pro-football player or fighting supervillains, mothers take on a lot for their children and families. A 24/7 job that never stops.

This Mother’s Day, May 9th, have a movie marathon! Celebrate mothers onscreen and in real life. Grab some popcorn, pop open a bottle of wine and relax on the couch. Optimum has a round-up of fun movies to watch with Mom on Mother’s Day.



Otherhood (2019, Trailer)

You didn’t forget Mother’s Day, did you?

Well, the adult sons of Carol, Gillian, and Helen (Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette, and Felicity Huffman) have left their mothers alone and forgotten on Mother’s Day.

The three women venture on a road trip from the suburbs to New York City in an effort to reconnect with their sons and see where they fit into their lives.

Thunder Force (2021, Trailer)

Can you imagine living in a world where supervillains are constantly wreaking havoc on society with no one there to stop them?

In Thunder Force, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy play Emily and Lydia. Estranged childhood best friends that grew up with supervillains running around their city. After reconnecting, Emily reveals she’s come up with a serum that can turn people into superheroes. With the help of Emily’s daughter, Tracy, Emily and Lydia start taking on the city’s villains as the superhero duo called Thunder Force.



The Secret Life of Bees (2008, Trailer)

Fourteen-year-old Lily Owens is haunted by memories of her late mother and her abusive father. In search of solace, Lily runs away with her caregiver Rosaleen to a South Carolina town that holds the keys to her mother's past.

While in South Carolina, Lily meets the Boatwright sisters who take her in and teach her about honey, beekeeping, and the Black Madonna. Lily soon learns that she may be closer to her mother than she thought.

Instant Family (2018, Trailer)

Pete and Ellie Wagner started their day with a dog, a nice house, and a career in flipping houses. Having children hadn't crossed their minds. Until one day they stumble into the world of foster care adoption.

Before they know it they're taking in 3 siblings, a rebellious teenager, an accident-prone tween, and a wild child. Going from zero to 3 kids overnight, Pete and Ellie try to find their footing as parents and it's not as easy as they were hoping.



The Blind Side (2009, Trailer)

Based on the true story of professional football player Michael Oher, the Academy Award-nominated film The Blind Side follows Oher as a teenager who’s homeless and has been drifting in and out of the school system for years.

After crossing paths with the Tuohy family, Michael is taken in by the parents Leigh Anne and Sean. With the support of the Tuohy family and an eager tutor, Michael finds that he has a future in football.

The High Note (2020, Trailer)

International superstar, Grace Davis (played by Tracee Ellis Ross), has reached incredible heights. Grace is trying to find her sound in the latter part of her career. And her overworked assistant Maggie aspires to be a music producer. After Grace's manager provides her with a career-altering choice, Grace and Maggie must come up with a plan together that could change their lives.




Brave (2012, Trailer)

Merida is a courageous archer and the strong-willed daughter of Scottish King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Merida is at the age where her family wants her to find a suitor, her defiance of this age-old tradition causes her to turn away from her family and seek the help of an eccentric witch.

When the witch makes her ill-fated wish come true, Merida must repair her relationship with her family and work to undo the curse that was set in place.

Freaky Friday (2003, Trailer)

Single mother Tess and her teenage daughter Anna are complete opposites and never get along. After receiving cryptic fortunes from their fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant, the two wake up the next morning in each other's bodies.

With several failed attempts at switching back, the two must masquerade as each other until they can find a solution. Having to physically walk in each other's shoes the mother-daughter duo find a new respect for each other.


Amazon Prime

Mother’s Day (2016, Trailer)

Jesse is a single mother to two boys and dealing with the news of her ex-husband marrying a much younger woman. Bradley is "Mr. Mom," a single dad trying to raise teenage girls. Jesse is a fitness fanatic who doesn't share her life with her family. Kristin was adopted and is searching for her mother. And Miranda has chosen her career over starting a family.

Rent Mother’s Day on Amazon Prime to watch an all-star cast of characters confront their issues and find a new meaning to Mother’s Day.

Lion (2016, Trailer)

In the Academy Award-nominated film, Lion, five-year-old Saroo gets lost on a train that takes him hundreds of miles across India. Saroo had to learn how to learn to survive on his own in Kolkata until he was adopted by an Australian couple.

Twenty-five years later with the help of Google Maps and unwavering determination, Saroo is ready to find his lost family and his first home.


Enjoy these movie recommendations and quality time this holiday. Happy Mother's Day and happy binge-watching!


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