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We want to help you celebrate Halloween and all its festivities! For this reason, we've gathered some of the best Halloween movies to stream, as well as info to help you stream them. Who says there is such a thing as celebrating Halloween, or any holiday, too early?!

The Strangers

Streaming Platform: Netflix 

This 2008 film is about a couple that plans a relaxing family vacation for a weekend, but the home they stay at ends up being far from pleasant. It all begins with a strange woman arriving at the front door, while the male partner is out running an errand. Later in the film, danger escalates as the couple must struggle to survive.  


Streaming Platform: HBO Max 
This happens to be one of the most popular horror flicks from the '90s. Ghostface became an iconic figure for scary movie fans worldwide. The film is about a woman being followed and terrorized by Ghostface, one year after her mother was brutally murdered. Ghostface uses tactics from various horror movies to stalk and kill people. 

Halloween Kills

Streaming Platform: Peacock 

Universal recently made an announcement that this horror flick, which is a part of the Halloween franchise, will be available on Peacock on October 15, the same day that it premieres at the movie theatres. 


Streaming Platform: Shudder 

How could we not remember the classic 1979 film with Michael Myers? In case you haven't seen it, this film is about a patient who successfully escapes from Smith's Grove Sanitarium. Michael Myers returns to his hometown to stalk and kill people.

Child’s Play 

Streaming Platform: Peacock 

This movie is about a young boy who receives a popular plastic doll for his birthday, that his unknowingly possessed by a deceased former criminal. He is seeking a new human soul to capture while he's also on a killing spree. Needless to say, this little doll is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.  

Candy Man

Streaming Platform: Tubi 
This slasher film is worth seeing, it made a huge impact in 1992 when it first debuted, and it remains a popular classic. This film is about a college graduate who discovers Candy Man's spirit, who will kill you with his hand hook if you say his name five times in a mirror. There was even a sequel directed by Nia DeCosta that was released in August 2021. It was a hit at the box office and a fan favorite. Regardless of whether you see either film or both, you are pretty much guaranteed a good scare! 

We hope this article gave you some inspiration on spooky films worth checking out! We wish you and your family a Happy Halloween! Be sure to trick or treat yourself to some of these flicks for an evening filled with shrieks, thrills, and screams! 


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