The Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Need Remote UC Right Now

To help "flatten the curve" during the Coronavirus pandemic, many organizations have employees working from home, and virtual meetings are now the norm. Having the right technology to support remote collaboration among employees, customers, students, and patients is now more essential than ever for organizations to survive and move forward.

Even before the crisis, businesses have understood that the implementation of Unified Communication (UC) to connect different communication systems empowers employees with seamless remote access, and is essential to take collaboration and digital productivity to the next level.

Implementing the right UC technologies is an easy and often overlooked change that companies can make to increase anywhere voice availability, productivity, and bottom-line revenue while successfully lowering costs. UC boosts productivity because it enables your business to integrate multiple real-time communication services, devices and media types through a single unified interface. It doesn't matter whether you are in office or remote, or which device you use; you can access phone, instant messaging, presence information, phone extension mobility, single number reach, conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing, and call control along with voicemail, email, and fax, all through one unified experience.

Enabling seamless communication and collaboration anywhere both internally and externally, UC conclusively benefits the productivity of employees, their ability to innovate, and in turn, your bottom line.

Employees can collaborate from any place, at any time from a range of devices

Enhance Productivity

A UC solution allows for effective, real-time communication, optimizing business strategies, operations, and production levels. And with a Cloud-based platform, all employees can collaborate from any place, at any time from a range of devices. This is especially important for employees who work remotely or who are on-the-go both in an out of the office.

Also, a convenient UC system delivers the necessary union between mobile devices, VoIP telephones, and computers, so there is a lot less time wasted waiting for information, direction and important decisions to be made. For instance internally, employees can see the real-time availability status of their teammates and also know which is the best means of communication to use for efficient collaboration.

Furthermore, UC Meetings are always available. Unlike reservation-based, traditional conferencing systems which are not usually ideal or convenient for inspired collaboration, last-minute informal meetings are never an issue with UC Meetings.

Fuel Innovation

Employees no longer need to be in their office to collaborate and be productive. With a UC solution, employees are empowered to work effectively from their desks or any remote location. This workplace flexibility has proven to be good for the brain and creativity. There are also lower levels of stress and burnout when an employee can work where they prefer.

Successful businesses employing UC technologies understand the direct connection between communication and workflow results. According to Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom, telecommuters had productivity levels equivalent to an entire extra day of work.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Due to the staying power of having a global workforce and decentralized operations, it's critical for a business's longevity to have efficient and reliable communications technologies. ROI can be measured against the high expense of a poor conferencing service experience or the incurred travel expenses to meet in person. The right UC solution allows a business to save with a cross-platform advantage. When all the end-users across the company, wherever they are, have the same applications across all their devices, it allows for simple access to collaboration in real-time, which also reduces the need for travel.

It's easy for companies to scale their communications needs with a UC solution

Because a UC solution is so simple to use and deploy in multiple locations, it is easy for a company of any size to scale their communications needs. Costs are operational, so a cloud-based provider will only charge for services received. It is painless to increase and decrease consumption when needed - which adds tremendous cost-savings for any business. Plus, with just one unified system in place, companies no longer need to handle multiple vendor contracts or employ their support team to handle operational problems.

It's essential to partner with a trusted provider like Optimum Business, who not only spends the time to get to know your business but also works closely with you before, during, and after deployment to ensure maximum benefits to your business. To learn more about how Optimum Business UC and Hosted Voice solutions can make a positive impact on your business, visit