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Las mejores funciones de teléfono para negocios pequeños

Whether you're a small business owner or employee, we're here to help you get the most out of your business phone. Gone are the days of being confined to a landline in the office. Business phones have several innovative features that allow you flexibility. This can help to improve productivity and allow you to work from a place that suits you. Optimum Business is here to guide you through some of the best features and benefits of business phone systems, like business caller ID, voice mobility, and voicemail greetings. 

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Separate business phone number

Creating a business phone number is a great way to build a consistent professional brand image. It can make your small business more accessible to clients who prefer phone calls and reduce the chances of missing an important work call. And, when you can't answer the phone, you can set a business voicemail greeting to direct your clients to the correct place. A business number also helps keep work and personal calls separate. You'll always know if an incoming call is business or personal and can answer accordingly. Optimum Business can help you to set up a toll-free 0800 business number to reap these benefits.

Virtual receptionist services

Virtual receptionist software can help to manage client questions around the clock without a hefty price tag. You can program virtual receptionists to address basic customer demands to improve efficiency. For instance, virtual receptionists can schedule appointments and share account information. They can also direct calls to the correct department.

Some software also includes more advanced features, like holding an actual conversation. And you can tailor your virtual receptionist for different languages and industry sectors. These features save employees time and allow them to prioritize their efforts to deal with more complex customer demands. This also drastically reduces customer waiting time and improves overall customer satisfaction.

On-the-go office calls 

No one wants to be the person who misses an important work call and costs the business a sale. Or be the one to slow someone else's work down if you're unreachable. But we know it can be tricky to be on hand for calls when you're on the move. And, while you could hand out your personal mobile number for these situations, it's important to strike a good work-life balance. A business mobile can be a great way to stay online while away from your desk.

Con Optimum's hosted voice tool, you can also make, receive, and forward calls from our app or on your laptop. Optimum also allows you to have business voice mobility, as you can place calls on hold and pick up calls on a separate device.

Virtual switchboards

In business, first impressions are always key. And a virtual switchboard can help create a positive first impression for clients and stakeholders. Virtual switchboards allow you to present callers with an automated list of options, so they can choose who they want to speak to. It streamlines the process of directing callers to the right place. You can create a customized greeting message to introduce people to your business and set expectations. What's more, you don't need new hardware to do this. Thanks to Optimum's Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software, we can help you quickly and easily set this up using the Internet.

Business caller ID

Another business phone feature that can help you create a great first impression is displaying a business caller ID. When you make outgoing calls, the receiver will instantly know that it is your business calling. Even if you're a one-person band, this feature helps you to develop a reputable and professional brand image. Moreover, it's a great tool for anyone who makes business calls from their personal mobile. You can easily swap the settings to show your business's name and hide your personal number.

Acceso al correo de voz

It's easy to miss a voicemail message, especially if you have a lot on your plate. But Optimum's business voicemail features can help you stay on top of your messages. You can get app notifications when you receive new voicemails or have them sent directly to your email. You can also set up your cell phone to deliver your voicemails as texts. Being in control of your messages can help:

  • improve customer service efficiency
  • reduce the likelihood of missing important calls
  • improve response rates and times

And the best part is: This service is cost-effective and straightforward to install.

Ready to start using a business phone? If you're searching for the right provider for your small business, flexibility and coverage are important. Whether you're after unlimited data or flexible data options, we recommend finding a plan that fulfills your needs. Optimum has plenty of business phone options to help you find the right solution for your small business.

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