How Small Business Phone Services and Reliable Business Internet Can Improve Remote Working

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With most employees in the United States still working remotely, there are certain to be some challenges to overcome. Whether it's noisy kids, leaf blowers or technology-related issues, working from home takes some getting used to. As a business owner, you must be sure you have the right tools in place to complete your tasks and keep your business growing as well as making sure that your employees have reliable tools in place to set them up for success. From internet and phone service to mobile and technical support keeping you and your employees equipped is detrimental to navigating the new normal.

Whether it's a high-speed business internet connection that ensures employees can send large files or reliable mobile service that keeps everyone connected, a reliable way to stay connected is more important than ever. While people may be saving time from not having to commute, they also need to make certain that their home setups enable them to do their work efficiently and without interruption.

Can a small business’ employees be just as effective working from home?

While technology certainly presents some challenges, working remotely is possible in a way it wasn't 10 or 15 years ago. Internet connections are faster and more affordable than ever and mobile phone service is more comprehensive. Employees are beginning to discover routines that allow for new ways to save time and are often even more productive now than they used to be.

That said, there's a certain expectation that people will be more available throughout the day. While everyone has experienced the distracting dog barks or noisy background, everyone also needs to be able to join video calls or collaborate - often without much warning. Remote employees may need static IP addresses for the sake of consistency or when dealing with sensitive or proprietary information.

The checklist for SMB work from home success

  • A quiet space, dedicated to work and where they will have seamless cell-phone service
  • A fast, reliable business internet connection and upload speeds
  • A flexible, reliable business cell phone plan
  • IT support at the ready
  • Again, no set up may be perfect but by having some or all of these tools at your disposal anyone can find success in their home workspace.

Why Small Business Phone Services, Cell Phone Plans, and WiFi are necessary to effectively work from home

Because communication is key, business internet and mobile service are incredibly important. Unified communications, whether it includes unlimited data, talk and text, or built-in cybersecurity features, will keep your small business growing.

Perhaps the most important component is reliable IT support. While most people working in the office know they have an IT-support staff to rely on, the same cannot always be said when everyone is at home with their own unique setups. Premier Technical Support can ensure that small business owners and their employees get the fast answers and support they need across all their devices. Optimum offers varying levels of technical support that can meet the need of virtually any small business.

How can small businesses manage the cost of services?

Getting the right set up to work effectively from home is easier and more affordable than ever. Optimum offers the reliable internet connection, the flexible mobile service plans and the always-on IT support that any small business can benefit from. While working from home has its challenges, it also offers many advantages provided you have the right technology partner.

What should a small business know about Optimum Mobile Cell Phone Plans?

Mobile phones are now essentially office phones in the new normal. Businesses need reliability to ensure employees are staying connected and the right mobile provider can help provide that peace of mind. Optimum Mobile offers the best small business cell phone plans - starting as low as just $12 per line per month. Our service offers the latest in Apple and Samsung devices and delivers flexible plans with unlimited data and international calling to countries like Canada and Mexico for one low price.

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