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Cómo mejorar la señal de WiFi de su negocio pequeño en 2021

There's no denying that WiFi is a crucial part of your day-to-day small business operations. Whether you're using it to connect with your workforce and provide reliable customer service for your clients to guarantee a connection for your valued customers and improving your overall in-office experience, a reliable WiFi connection is an absolute necessity in today's business world. So, we likely don't need to tell you what kind of repercussions or frustrations you'll end up facing if your WiFi connection is less than reliable, right? It's possible that this phenomenon is something you've experienced yourself-if it's a sore subject, don't worry, we won't ask about it (we know how frustrating bad WiFi can be).

Here’s the thing about small business WiFi—often, you can’t afford to deal with subpar or spotty connections, inconsistencies, errors, and overall bad service. You rely on WiFi—and importantly, your customers and employees do, too.

Herein lies the important question: what can you do to fix a bad connection?

We’re laying out some of the top tips you need to know in order to enhance your small business WiFi signal to ensure that 2021 guarantees a solid, reliable, and lightning-fast connection for you and your company.

The Top Tips You Need to Know to Enhance Your Small Business WiFi

If you're experiencing a spotty connection, an unreliable network, or unhappy customers and unproductive employees due to poor internet connectivity, you might be in the market for a little WiFi renovation. With a few, simple changes and considerations, you can boost your signal and turn your lackluster connection into the hottest hotspot around. Keep reading for a few simple but connection-changing tips that'll reboot your entire WiFi experience.

Start with a Reliable Small Business WiFi Partner

We put this point at the beginning because we genuinely believe that it's the most important factor when it comes to obtaining reliable, fast WiFi for your small business. No, it's not as simple as "move your router" (we'll get to that part, don't worry), but it is by far the most crucial.

Starting out with a low-quality partner can almost always guarantee you're going to have low-quality service. You need a reliable, committed internet partner (not just a provider) who is dedicated to keeping your systems in check, your connection on point, and is willing to be there and go to the mat for you when something doesn't work quite right. It's important to realize that not all internet providers are created equally-you'll likely need to research and shop around before you settle on the perfect pick!

Opt for the Best-of-the-Best Package

By this, we don't mean the most expensive package-we mean the best-of-the-best package for you and your specific needs. If your business doesn't necessarily need all the latest and greatest bells and whistles to thrive, be true to yourself and what matters-but know that the worst thing you can do is purchase something that you know you'll outgrow in a matter of months. Even if the upfront cost of picking your perfect package might seem steep at the moment, remember that your goal is to pick a package that's scalable and can grow with you.

Look for a small business Wifi package that offers unique solutions, customizable features, and even gives you important information about your customer base to further your marketing insights—because your WiFi should do more than just connect you to the internet, it should work for you and bring you data-driven solutions.

Stay In-the-Loop on Updates & Upgrades

Your service provider should play a large role in helping you in this department, but there's nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands here, too. Because technology is constantly changing, new features and upgrades are going to always be on the horizon-often, those features and upgrades can mean a better connection and more beneficial additions to your internet provider package. Make sure that you're always in-the-loop so you can understand what you need to upgrade and when you need to upgrade it in order to maintain fast, competitive speeds that enable you to get things done.

Revamp Your Internet Plan

Maybe your needs for 2021 have changed. Perhaps you've hired on more employees with more devices than ever. It's possible that you've simply outgrown your own package. Whatever the issue may be, it might be time to revamp your plan to something entirely new. Look for a package that offers you fast, reliable, and unlimited Internet access-no matter where your business is based. Find a package that focuses on helping you bring more customers through your door because you're able to help them stay connected. And further, look for a package that includes 24/7 customer service and IT support-because your small business deserves a reliable team to tackle any issues that arise.

Consider Your Router Location

We told you we'd eventually get to this simple fix. Where you place your router absolutely affects how well your device will connect to your network. We always suggest placing your router in an open space that's far away from obstructions. If possible, keep your router in the room where you'll mostly be using your devices. We always suggest finding a central location, away from a multitude of metal objects, up high, and definitely not behind concrete or brick walls. If your router is currently not following along with any of those guidelines, we encourage you to move it around and see how your network connection improves.

Select a Top-Notch IT Support Team

If you want to ensure that you're the ultimate hotspot connection this year, we highly recommend teaming up with an IT support crew who has your back-day and night. While we firmly believe IT support should come from your internet provider, it's also possible to hire and train an internal IT team or contract with an external, third-party.

All in all, when picking an IT support team or a similar managed service, we highly recommend finding a reliable partner who will answer your call whenever you need it, offers you a multitude of services for a fair rate, and genuinely cares about providing you with solutions that will help your business.

Upgrade Your Obsolete Hardware

Old hardware could be the reason that your connection is struggling-especially when you compare it to the lightning-fast connection that newer, more advanced hardware can bring. Consult with your internet provider to see what they think about your older hardware. Then, decide if faster internet is worth the up-front cost of upgrading.

Run Regular Speed Checks

This small step should be a part of your day-to-day routine to ensure that your speeds are functioning as they should be. If you do this regularly, you'll be able to sniff out signs of trouble before anyone else notices-then hopefully, you can remedy the fix simply on your own or with that top-notch IT support team we mentioned earlier.

Optimum Business is Here to Boost Your WiFi

At Optimum Business, we understand that fast, efficient WiFi isn't just a want-it's an absolute necessity, especially for small businesses seeking success. That's why we're here with you every step of the way to ensure your connection is always reliable, speedy, and doing everything you need it to do. Whether that means being available to you 24/7 with customer service and IT support (we are), helping you pick out the perfect-for-you-plan that'll help you thrive (we can), or providing you with extra benefits that'll streamline your workflow (we will), we've got your back when it comes to WiFi.

Check out some of our WiFi package options like WiFi inteligente y Optimum WiFi, but don't feel shy if you've still got questions. We encourage you to reach out to our expert customer service and sales teams to get the answers you're looking for-we're ready (and happy) to help!