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Internet de fibra y la Internet de las cosas (IoT) en su negocio pequeño

It wasn't all that long ago that the only way to access the Internet was through a hardwired desktop computer. Now, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), you can surf the web almost anywhere-and not just from computers, but smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs, too. For small business owners, the IoT effectively makes it possible to work anytime and anywhere. Of course, in order to get the best experience when using your IoT-connected devices, you need a strong, fast, and reliable Internet connection. And when it comes to speed, it's hard to beat fiber-optic Internet. In this Optimum Business article, we’ll delve into what the IoT is, how IoT connectivity can support small businesses, and explain how fiber Internet can help establish more efficient business operations.

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What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)? 

Before we explain how fiber Internet affects the IoT, it's important we clarify what the IoT actually is. In a nutshell, the IoT refers to an interconnected network of devices-specifically smart devices-that are capable of collecting and exchanging data autonomously. An Internet-enabled smartwatch, for example, is part of the IoT, as it both collects data (such as your daily step count) and shares that data with other devices in real time without requiring you to facilitate the data exchange manually. IoT-connected devices commonly used in small business operations include everything from smartphones and tablets to smart security systems. For a more detailed look at how the IoT can help small businesses work with greater efficiency, we suggest heading over to our article Cómo IoT puede mejorar los procesos de su negocio pequeño.

¿Qué es Internet de fibra?

Fiber is a high-speed Internet connection that utilizes fiber optic cables to transmit data. Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber cables are made of thin strands of glass or plastic in a protective casing, and they use light to transfer information. This composition enables faster transmission and more reliable connectivity. They can also transmit over longer distances than traditional wires.

The advantages of fiber Internet are vast. For one, fiber Internet speeds exceed that of other connections (at Optimum Business, for example, we offer up to 8 Gig fiber Internet). Additionally, fiber Internet is less vulnerable to interruptions than traditional cable or DSL connections, and it offers symmetrical upload and download speeds.

You can learn more about fiber Internet and how it works in our article La verdad sobre la Internet de fibra: 6 mitos desmentidos

How Does Fiber Internet Support IoT Connectivity?

Back to the IoT. Your smart devices need a reliable Internet connection to exchange data with one another seamlessly, which is where fiber Internet comes into play. Ahead, we'll reveal four ways in which fiber Internet can support your IoT-connected devices-and keep your business operations running smoothly.

Higher speeds

We keep coming back to speed, and there's a reason for that: It's one of the biggest advantages of fiber Internet. Faster speeds mean a quicker exchange of data between IoT-connected devices (like your smart security system and your smartphone). This can come in handy if you're off-premises, as you'll be able to receive a notification in the event a security concern arises-not ten minutes later. Higher speeds also help ensure daily operations, like fulfilling orders, communicating with customers, and operating point-of-sale systems, go off without a hitch.

Improved reliability

Reliability is essential for small businesses: You don't want a surprise storm or nearby construction to leave you without an Internet connection for days at a time. Here, fiber Internet is incredibly useful. It's less vulnerable to interruptions than other types of Internet connections, which means you're less likely to experience drop-offs or service problems in unexpected circumstances. At Optimum Business, we offer 99.9% reliability for all of our fiber customers-so you can spend less time worrying about keeping your IoT-connected devices online and more time tending to your customers. And if an issue does arrive, our same-day service guarantee ensures we'll get started on resolving it as quickly as possible.

Better security 

Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping your business-and your customers-protected. Según la  United States Office of Environmental Management, fiber Internet is both immune to electromagnetic interference and more difficult to tap than some other connections. In practice, this means switching to a fiber Internet connection may be an easy thing you can do to help make your business more secure. Con Optimum Business Fiber, you’ll get the added protection of built-in security and 24/7 customer service, so you can rest assured knowing your business is protected even when you’re taking the day off. 

Of course, having fiber Internet alone isn't sufficient to ensure your business operations remain protected. You'll also want to implement strategic security measures, such as employing a zero-trust architecture, when feasible. You can learn more about strategies to keep your small business operations secure in our article Las mejores prácticas de seguridad cibernética para los negocios.

More bandwidth for devices and data

The more Internet-connected devices you employ at your small business, the more bandwidth you'll need. Fiber Internet provides greater bandwidth than other types of Internet connections, meaning you can have multiple devices connected to your network at the same time, without having to worry about latency or lag. This, in turn, can help improve efficiency-the ultimate goal for any small business owner.

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