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Today we are congratulating the winner of the Optimum Business "WE Are the Future Blog Contest"; Sabrina J. of AmTech Career Academy, Amarillo, Texas. As our grand prize winner, Sabrina will receive an iPhone 14, Mono iVlogger Kit, 4 tickets for the Amarillo Symphony and more.

Please join us in celebrating Sabrina's winning entry and read her inspiring article below.

Unity Thru Fashion is a streetwear brand I look forward to starting in the future. The reason behind this business idea is that nowadays people associate themselves with people who dress like them. It doesn't matter their race, belief system or financial situation. People will associate themselves with those that closely resemble them. Fashion is in everyone, whether you think you are into it or not. What you wear in your day to day represents what you like and what you feel comfortable in. I know there's more to the reasons you put on the clothes that you do. The clothes you wear show a little inside view of your personality. Unity Thru Fashion will show you that everybody is more than welcome to wear it. It will be a brand that you could feel comfortable in and feel good wearing.

Being an entrepreneur is more than just being your own boss. I've never really been excited or interested in any other occupation. I've thought about it a lot, especially since this is my senior year, but nothing else has caught my eye. I know making clothes, brainstorming and just being creative are things that I would really enjoy doing. I've always loved putting pieces together and try out new color combinations to see what works and what doesn't. I believe that if you're passionate, consistent, and confident in what you produce, you'll become as successful as you want. Now, success isn't just about money. I believe success in entrepreneurship means being happy, comfortable, excited, open-minded, and wanting to learn more from people who are more experienced than you are.

One of the best things you could do is to invest in yourself. Nobody is going to believe in your success if you don't. As I've gotten older and I'm soon to enter adulthood, I've failed, learned, and continued to keep going. One thing that I learned through everything is what I want to do with my life and what brings me joy, excitement, and curiosity and that is fashion, colorways, and different styles. You shouldn't think that your job is a job, your career should be something that you would still do even if you weren't going to get paid for it.

Technology is a big game changer in the fashion industry because it is an easier and more reliable way to connect directly with your consumers. It's not just easier for your consumers to obtain your product and get your promotions, but it's easier on you as well. The media is very important in any business because you need to keep up to date with trends and see what is coming up and what is starting to get old. Trends change and leave faster than expected and technology will enable me to keep up with them. You need to prepare for the future especially in fashion, and technology has made this process easier.

The "WE Are The Future" Blog Contest was part of the Optimum Business "WE" initiative that was created to celebrate and support Women Entrepreneurs. Learn more about the women entrepreneurs featured throughout this year-long celebration and watch our "WE Are The Future" live event recap with guest speaker and founder of "Keeping You Sweet" baked goods company, April Harris.