¿Puede la Internet de fibra para negocios reinventar el "trabajo desde casa"?

Remote working. Working from home. WFH worker. Whatever phrase you're using to describe it, it all basically means the same thing-working somewhere other than in a traditional office setting. 

It's no secret that remote work has been on a steady incline over the past several years. With dependence on digital communication becoming an everyday factor in the workplace coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become more commonplace than ever, and it's predicted that this type of work will continue to rise. 

And while many things about remote work have proven to be positive, there are likely always some technology issues that plague WFH employees that keep them from being their most productive. One of those factors? Slow Internet connections that can't provide the cutting-edge performance they need to do their jobs well.

The solution? Three words: Business fiber Internet. 

If this term isn't really on your radar-or if it is but you're not quite sure what it means-then you're in the right place. In this article, we'll dive into a few of the basic facts about business fiber networks to explain how they can reinvent and change the remote work scene forever. 

First Things First: What is Business Fiber Internet? 

It’s impossible to dive into the benefits of business fiber Internet—or discuss how it can revolutionize the work from home movement—without discussing first what it is, exactly.

So, let’s start there.

Business fiber Internet is a type of Internet connection that depends on the use of fiber-optic cables to send light and lasers in order to receive and send data. This works similar to traditional business Internet, but instead of fiber cables, traditional Internet uses copper wire, like you'd find in phone lines. 

Here's the thing about fiber Internet (sometimes just called fiber, for short)-it's phenomenal at transmitting data. In fact, its specialty is carrying light over long distances without any lapses or distortions, which ultimately translates to mean that the Internet connection itself is reliable, faster, and flexible, too. 

In short, business fiber Internet can provide optimized speeds, seamless symmetric speeds, revolutionary reliability (due to its sturdy fiber cables), flexible bandwidth, fewer opportunities for Internet overload, and even better security measures. 

Is Business Fiber Internet Really the Fastest Internet Solution?

To put it simply, yes-fiber optic Internet is currently the fastest and most reliable Internet solution available for private users and businesses. In fact, fiber optic Internet speeds depending on your provider) are usually 10-20x faster than the normal 50-100 Mbps services most of us are used to.  

Sometimes, that can mean your Internet is as speedy as 1 Gbps-or rather, one gig. This type of Internet is so fast, it's essentially in a league of its own. 

Fiber networks can help companies increase productivity while dramatically reducing latency, and sometimes, plans that include fiber optic Internet will include company-boosting benefits like unlimited data usage, high-speed symmetric speeds, unmatched scalability, and even faster cloud access. 

How Business Fiber Internet Can Benefit WFH & Remote Work 

While the benefits of fiber Internet are essentially unparalleled for anyone who uses it, this type of network can be especially transformative and revolutionary for remote workers in a WFH era. 

Fiber optic networks can dramatically benefit your remote work for several reasons, but mostly, they can make their jobs far less problematic and their remote work much more reliable. This ultimately translates to consistent, dependable work from employees who are well equipped and prepared to do their best job possible.


We've already mentioned this, but it's worth repeating-that's how much faster fiber optic networks can be. Fiber grants your employees lightning speeds, which can ultimately speed up their work process and make them far more efficient. Effective work means fewer delays, better customer service, ideal web connection, and steady streams of revenue, all of which are crucial to running a business and working in a streamlined manner. 

In the same vein, you'll experience symmetric bandwidth speed, which means your employees can upload and download at the same rate. This type of equivalent speed helps to get rid of troublesome lag time and can speed up the process of transmitting data to and from. Further, your speed isn't affected or throttled by the number of devices that are using the bandwidth. Why? Because fiber is so good at functioning at high speeds, it's nearly impossible to cap its capacity. 


Fiber offers streamlined, exclusive connections which can translate to less disruption and better, more comprehensive security in the long run. While copper cables can be subject to risks like cable tapping, fiber cables cannot be penetrated unless they're physically cut. No, fiber optic Internet does not eliminate your need for additional support or layers of security, but it does add an extra barrier of protection, something that's crucial for your WFH employees. 


Finally, fiber cables are strong-like, physically strong. It's hard for them to get damaged and they're way less susceptible to events and incidents that could potentially cause damage, like weather, construction, and natural disasters. 

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