Las herramientas tecnológicas imprescindibles que necesita para un trabajo remoto sin interrupciones para sus negocios pequeños

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Small businesses across the globe-no matter how different they might be-have been feeling the same thing this year-unprecedented effects from a pandemic that none of us could have predicted. Running a small business in any industry is challenging enough, but 2020 brought us all some unique roadblocks that didn't come with any type of instruction manual.For the most part, many of us have been dealing with the effects of the pandemic as they come-adapting on the fly, learning new best practices, and of course, adjusting to constant changes. One of the biggest challenges? Adapting to a work from home environment.

Though none of us can predict just how long the effects of the pandemic will remain, it's likely safe to assume that remote work (or, working from your kitchen counter, as many of us like to call it), is potentially here to stay for some time. Now, more than ever, small businesses need to embrace the changes and invest in themselves to ensure a seamless continuity with their business procedures-even if it's not exactly business as usual. Creating an environment for yourself that sets you and your business up for success is hugely important in a work from home setting. As a result of the pandemic, many of us have been shifted (some of us begrudgingly) into the 21st century-and it's one that's filled with digital tools and products. Whether you're tackling the world of eCommerce, building a website, or just learning how to create an online footprint for your business, now is the time to invest in tools that can take your business to the next level.

Why? Because with the right digital and tech tools, your business can thrive in a largely digital world.

Why Should Small Businesses Invest in a Reliable Supply of Tech Tools?

If you’re not entirely sold on investing in tech tools, we highly encourage you to keep reading.

Tech tools are absolutely necessary for modern small businesses with their eyes set for success. With the right tools, products, and services (like phone services, wi-fi services, and mobile plans that are created with small businesses like yours in mind), your business can overcome any obstacle the world throws at it and accomplish ambitious goals like:

  • Connecting your business with larger, more diverse marketplaces—When you invest in digital tools, you’re not restricted by physical limitations. You have the ability to access new markets and new audiences all with the touch of a button—and your physical location has nothing to do with it.
  • Foster and encourage better communication and connection—With seamless tools, communication is easier than ever. This type of effortless connection is necessary for building relationships with employees and customers alike. Further, it improves and ensures transparency, something that’s key to the success of a small business.
  • Establish a set of standard procedures—With the right tools, you’re able to develop, establish, and execute a set of consistent best practices. This leads to easier employee training, stronger communication, and a set of regulations and guidelines that your business can grow from.
  • Contribute to a positive, healthy company and workplace culture—If your employees, customers, and colleagues cannot communicate effectively with you or with each other, it’s impossible to create a positive, healthy, and helpful environment. This is a key feature for any successful small business—especially one in our era of constant change.


The Must-Have Tech Tools You Need to Make Remote Work Seamless

As a small business owner, you already know the truth behind what we're going to share-you have specific, distinct needs. You don't have the same technology needs as say, a residential family in a neighborhood, but you also don't require everything that an enormous, enterprise company might. For you, it's all about balance, convenience, and simplifying your business-and that's why we believe these three tech tools (and finding the right partner to provide them) is crucial.

Servicios de teléfono para negocios pequeños

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As a small business, you undoubtedly spend a ton of time on the phone. Whether you're talking with employees, speaking to vendors, or chatting with customers, it's likely you rely on the phone for the bulk of your communication. This is probably even truer now, where communication is much different. Gone are the days (at least, for now) of in-person meetings and physical communication. Now, more than ever, you need to uncomplicate communication as much as possible.

If you seek reliable, seamless communication for any reason—employee chatter, customer service, day-to-day routine—you’re going to need to partner with a provider who can offer you the best small business phone services.

What exactly does this look like? A premium small business phone service will ensure that you can:

  • Have access to business hosted voice
  • Configure el desvío de llamadas
  • Communicate from anywhere on the phone
  • Keep track of voicemail
  • Set up auto answering messages
  • Activate more lines to support increased call volume

Small Business Wi-Fi Services

We don't need to tell you how integral Wi-Fi is to your day-to-day routine, but we do want to share with you the importance of the type of Wi-Fi connection you're using. As a small business that's ultimately working from home, for the time being, you need to ensure that your connection is private and protected. Further, it needs to be high-speed, high-functioning, and high-quality so that you're never dealing with pesky disconnections (you know just as much as we do how costly downtime can be). Finally, reliable internet is crucial when it comes to effective, responsive customer service-especially at an unprecedented time like the pandemic.

Our advice? Team up with a provider who can offer you the best of the best when it comes to small business Wi-Fi services. This often includes (but isn't limited to) features like:

  • The ability to increase speed to support increased digital traffic
  • Conducting small business remotely with email
  • Communicating with customers logged into your network
  • Built-in security plans
  • Premium tech support that’s available 24/7

Small Business Mobile Plans

In our modern era, business happens everywhere-you can't always be glued to your laptop at your home office. This is where premium mobile devices and plans come into the mix. As a small business, you need to count on reliable connections with your entire company, missing a beat due to lack of service simply doesn't cut it in your line of work. You'll also need full functionality from your mobile device so that you can work even when you're not sitting at a desk. Choosing a provider who can offer you top-notch features for your mobile devices and plans is a must for all small businesses working remotely. We suggest looking for providers who offer you mobile plans and features that include things like:

  • Reliable, nationwide network
  • 5G access and 5G capable devices
  • Seamless connection with Wi-Fi Hotspots

Grow Your Small Business, Work From Home Seamlessly—Optimum Business is Here to Help

Working remotely might be new, but it doesn't have to complicate your small business' plans for growth and expansion. At Optimum Business, we know how complicated working from home can feel at the start, but with the right tools, the right service, and the right partner, remote work can truly be seamless and simplified.

We’re here to offer you the small business phone services, small business wifi services y small business mobile plans you need to ensure that your remote work is successful—and we’re proud to stand by you as you thrive!

Have questions? Optimum Business is here to help. Our dedicated team of customer service representatives is standing by to answer any questions you might have! Give us a call at 855-270-5527 today to learn how we can help you turn your remote work environment into a well-oiled, successful machine!