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How Connected Experiences Are Helping Home-Builders Sell More Online

Industries of all types are seeing incredible new demand for digital and connected experiences in a post-coronavirus world. While selling goods online isn't anything new in 2020, the global pandemic has pushed consumers to find new ways to shop online even in industries that have up until now mostly resisted the digital revolution.

Sheryl Palmer, CEO and Chairman of Taylor Morrison recently sat down with our partners at Cheddar for an interview, and she says technology has been the silver lining amid all the recent negative economic headlines. Taylor Morrison is one of the largest home-building companies in the United States, and Ms. Palmer admits part of an industry that has received justifiable criticism for its continued reliance on traditional sales experiences. They have recently invested in new technologies with tremendous success, enabling virtualized tours of homes, many with private guides who connect with home-buyers digitally both to show the home itself but also to negotiate or even sign contracts.

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