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Optimum vs. T-Mobile: Which is the better option?

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Researching different service providers and their offerings can be a time-consuming and stressful task! There are so many variables to consider such as what services they offer, how reliable their service is, as well as the quality. Beyond this, figuring out which services you need and whether you should bundle them certainly adds some extra pressure! We want to help you make the decision that’s best for you, so we will be delving into the many offerings of both Optimum and T-Mobile to assist you with your decision. Hopefully we can help you decide if either of these might be right for you and your family.

What should I know?

Optimum and T-Mobile both have strong reputations when it comes to delivering high quality service. Both service providers offer unlimited data plans and zero contracts which means that there is no risk of early termination fees. In fact, Optimum will even buy you out of your current contract for up to $500.

How is the set-up process?

Optimum has free installation for various web deals listed on their website. Otherwise, they charge a one-time fee of $99 for a scheduled professional installation. This includes Wi-Fi configuration for up to six devices, the hardwiring of one device, and assistance with setting up your Optimum account. If you are interested in setting up more devices with Optimum, you can opt for the premium installation which costs $129 or $59 through the website. 

T-Mobile will deliver a Nokia-made cylindrical tower that's both a modem and router to your house, free of charge. It also has a pair of Ethernet ports in case you want to connect it to a mesh router.  The T-Mobile home Internet app can assist you with the set-up process. It involves scanning a QR code on the bottom of the gateway, choosing a network, and setting up a password.

How is the Internet Quality and Speed?

Optimum costs $40/month for 300 Mbps for $60/month for 500 Mbps, and $80/month for 1 GB (940 Mbps).

T-Mobile just rolled out their home Internet service for $60/month if you're enrolled in auto-pay, $65/month if you're not. It has expected download speeds of 100 Mbps. 

What are the Internet options?

Optimum offers both cable and fiber to an estimated 12.9 million people spanning four U.S. states. 
T-Mobile offers service to about 300 million people spanning 48 connecting states, as well as Hawaii. T-Mobile's Internet service does not rely on cable or fiber but instead uses cell phone data networks to allow for Internet connectivity. This can potentially in data slow-downs depending on the quality of service and your designated area.

Optimum uses both fiber and cable, the difference between both is that fiber is sent through copper TV lines whereas cable is made of plastic and mainly used for Internet services. Most people prefer fiber because it provides high-bandwidth connections while also allowing for quick upload times. Fiber is also less likely to slow-down to high traffic. Unfortunately, fiber is only available in select locations dependent on costs.
What home telephone services do they offer?

What home telephone services do they offer?

Optimum offers a home telephone service when combined with an Internet and/or television package. If you're interested in telephone and Internet only, you can choose Internet that is 300Mbps ($45/month), 500Mbps ($50/month) or 1 Gig ($55/month). We will go into more detail about the available bundles shortly. 

T-Mobile does not directly offer landline service, but they do have a device called "LineLink" which enables voice-over-IP service utilizing existing landline phones. The box connects phones to home Internet routers and costs $30. In addition to this payment, customers will pay $30 for a 'Sim start kit," plus a $20/month service fee. If you already have an existing T-Mobile GSM line, the price drops for $10. In other words, T-Mobile customers will pay $10 per month if they add LineLink. This service is only available to people who purchase another service from T-Mobile. Postpaid wireless customers, Simple Choice customers and Work for Business customers are all eligible.

How do Optimum Mobile and T-Mobile mobile phone plans work?

Optimum Mobile, a part of Optimum, has a mobile phone service that starts at $14/month per line for 1GB. They also offer a  3 GB option for $22/month per line. If you're interested in unlimited data, you can opt-in for this for only $45/month per line. Optimum Mobile offers a nationwide network with 5G access and no multi-line commitments. 

Optimum Mobile Phone Plans & PricingT-Mobile Phone Plans & Pricing
1 GB for $14/month per line50 GB for $60/month per line
3 GB for $22/month per line100 GB for $70/month per line
Unlimited Data for $45/month per lineUnlimited Data for $85/month per line

Both Optimum Mobile and T-Mobile are on the same 5G network.

What are the television options?

Optimum offers several packages including Core TV with 220+ channels for $74.99/month, Value TV with 255+ channels for $79.99/month, Select TV with 340+ channels for $89.99/month and Premier TV with 420+ channels, Showtime, HBO Max, and Starz for $124.99/month. What are the television options?

T-Mobile does not offer any type of cable service; however, they do offer a live TV streaming service called TVision. It includes a live TV guide, on-demand content and up to 100 hours of DVR. There are four different tiers: TVision Vibe with 30 for $10/month, TVision Live TV with 35 channels for $40/month, TVision Live TV Plus with 65 channels for $50/month and TVision Live Zone with 78 channels for $60/month. These tiers offer Vibe for free for a limited time. Vibe has channels such as AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Comedy Central and the Discovery Channel, while Live incorporates local channels such as ABC, Fox and NBC in select markets, as well as Cartoon Network, CNN, ESPN and Fox News. 

What are the different types of bundles?

Optimum has various packages for Internet, television, and home phone services. If you are interested in having all the above, you can opt-in for any of the following packages:  Optimum 300 (300Mbps), Core TV and phone for $70/month, Optimum 500 (500Mbps), Core TV, and phone for $75/month, or Optimum 1 Gig (940mbps), Core TV and phone for $80/month. These packages include over 220 channels. If you do not need a home phone, there are also few bundles consisting of Internet and TV only. The TV options in these bundles typically range from 50-220+ channels.  Internet speeds range from 300-940 Mbps. Internet and TV bundles can cost anywhere between $50-$70/month. 

As for T-Mobile, they do not currently offer any types of bundles since they specialize mostly in mobile service and recently Internet also. Although they do offer Line Link and TVision, there aren't currently any bundle offerings that coincide with them.

So, which is the best deal?

Both Optimum and T-Mobile offer mobile phone service and Internet. In addition, they have different services that allow for both watching television and making calls through a home telephone. Below we will dive right into what we find to be the best deals!

Internet: Optimum offers 300 Mbps for $40/month whereas T-Mobile offers Internet that averages at about 100 Mbps for $60/month.

Television: Optimum offers Core TV with 220+ channels for $74.99/month, whereas T-Mobile offers a Live TV streaming service called TVision. Their TVision Live Zone package has 78 channels for $60/month.

Home Phone: Optimum offers a home telephone service when combined with an Internet and/or television package. If you’re interested in telephone and Internet only, you can choose Internet that is 300Mbps ($45/month). T-Mobile doesn’t directly offer home telephone service, but they do have a product called “LineLink” which enables voice-over-IP service utilizing existing landline phones to eligible customers.

Mobile: Optimum Mobile offers phone lines starting at $14/month with no minimum requirement, as well as unlimited data for $45/month. T-Mobile offers unlimited data for $85/month.

Bundle: Optimum offers 300 Mbps, Core TV (225+ channels) and phone for $70/month whereas T-Mobile does not currently have any bundles.
We hope this article helps you decide which service provider and services is right for you!

*Data as of 07/07/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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