Optimum Mobile or Metro: Which Should You Choose?

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Which Mobile Service is Right for You?

Deciding which mobile service provider is best suited for you and your family can be a difficult task, especially with so many worthy contenders to choose from! In this article, we will break down some of Optimum Mobile and Metro’s features and offerings to help you determine if either might be a good choice for you!

What is Optimum Mobile and Metro?

Optimum Mobile, formerly called Altice Mobile, is the mobile brand for Optimum customers and Suddenlink customers in the New York tri-state area, the west and mid-Atlantic states. Altice USA has over 5 million customers spanning 21 states. Their mobile service runs on the T-Mobile network.

Metro by T-Mobile (Metro), previously known as Metro PCS, was bought out by T-Mobile in 2013. It is an American prepaid wireless phone service provider which also runs on the T-Mobile network.

How much do their services cost?

Optimum Mobile offers 1 GB, 3 GB and unlimited plans. They all include unlimited talk and text. The 1GB plan starts at $19 per month. If you need more data, you can upgrade to 3 GB for $32 per month or unlimited data for $60 per month. With these plans, you can switch at any time. You also receive a free mobile hotspot, nationwide coverage, 5G access, and no multi-line commitments.

Metro prepaid plans enable access to T‑Mobile's 5G Network at no additional cost. Additionally, select plans include Amazon Prime, Google One and more.

The lowest prices Metro plan offers 10GB of high-speed data and music unlimited for $40 per month. This plan allows you to save $10 on every additional line, such as 2 lines for $70 per month, 3 lines for $100, 4 lines for $130, or 5 lines for $160 per month.

The next tier is $50 per month for unlimited high-speed data, 5GB of hot spot data, and 100GB for Google One members. This plan allows you to save $20 per line - such as 2 lines for $80 per month, 3 lines for $110, 4 lines for $140, or 5 lines for $150.

The most elite option is unlimited high-speed data for $60 per month with 15GB of hotspot data, 100GB for Google One members, an Amazon Prime membership. If you need additional lines, it is $90 per month for 2 lines, 3 lines for $120, 4 lines for $120 (previously for $150!) and 5 lines for $150 per month (previously for $180!)

Optimum Mobile Plans & Pricing Metro Mobile Plans & Pricing
1 GB for $19/month -
3 GB for $32/month -
- 10 GB for $40/month
Unlimited data for $60/month Unlimited data for $50/month
- Unlimited data with Amazon Prime for $60/month

What deals do they offer?

Optimum Mobile promotes that their service is 40% lower than other phone plans. To see how much you'll save, you can go onto the Optimum site and type in the amount of your monthly bill to see how much money you would save if you switched to Optimum.

Also, Optimum subscribers with cable or Internet will receive $10 off their monthly phone plan.

Metro allows you to try out their unlimited plan for just $5 if you bring your phone and join with an eligible plan. There are no fees to switch and the SIM card is free. If you add another Metro line to a new or existing account, you can save 50% off or more, the limit for this deal is only two per account/household.

If you happen to be a Boost or Cricket subscriber, Metro really wants to win you over. So much so that they will allow you to save half by giving you one line of unlimited with 5G for only $25 per month! If you trade it in an eligible device, you can even get a Samsung Galaxy A32 for free.

Lastly, if you have Metro, you will have access to exclusive offers from various brands on T-Mobile Tuesdays which are accessible through their personal app!

If you happen to need a new phone, you can receive the iPhone 12 mini for free if you switch over to Metro from a qualifying plan and trade in an eligible device. After three months, you receive a rebate.

They also have an in-store offer that allows you to get one of the free phones from Samsung and OnePlus when you add a line. They do charge sales tax and an activation fee, however.

How is their service?

Optimum Mobile allows their customers to switch data plans whenever with no fees and does not mandate any contracts or multiline commitments, allowing cancellation at any time. They boast unlimited talk and text, a free mobile hotspot, nationwide coverage, and 5G access.

Metro includes T-Mobile's 5G network, America's largest 5G network at no additional cost. Select plans also include Amazon Prime, Google One, ScamShield, and more. Similar to Optimum Mobile, there are no contracts or multiline commitments, and you can cancel at any time.


We hope this article helped you in your quest for the mobile service provider best suited for your family! As you probably know already, there are so many great options on the market. Fortunately, many providers, like these two, don't offer contracts so you can explore your options without the commitment.

We wish you the best of luck in your search. Happy mobile service shopping!


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