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Optimum Vs. AT&T: Which Should You Choose?

Optimum vs. AT&T, a comprehensive guide to the services each provider offers and the prices they charge.

Optimum vs. AT&T: The Starting Point

There are so many options when it comes to choosing your Internet, television, and phone providers. With so many different single-services and bundles available, choosing which one to opt-in for can be extremely overwhelming. In this article, we will be analyzing various options from both Optimum and AT&T. We recognize that both companies offer low prices, unlimited data plans, rapid speeds, and zero contracts. Let us dive into the distinct features that set each company apart, so we can help distinguish which one is right for you!

How is the set-up process?

Optimum does not offer self-installation and requires a one-time fee of $99 for a scheduled professional installation. Optimum’s professional installation consists of Wi-Fi configuration for up to six devices, the hardwiring of one device, and help with setting up your Optimum account. You can also opt in for the premium installation if you need to set up more devices. This option costs $129 or $59 through the website, as it is available as an installation option when choosing a plan. Additionally, Optimum requires a modem for Internet access which costs $10/month. AT&T also offers premium installation for $99, as well a modem and router for the same rental price as Optimum offers ($10/month). One thing that differs with AT&T’s installation process is that they do offer a Do-It-Yourself option for $35. 

What are the Internet options?

Optimum’s prices for Internet range between $29.99-$49.99/month, whereas AT&T Internet options range between $35-$60/month. Some of Optimum’s options include the Optimum 300 (300 Mpbs speed) for $29.99/month, Optimum 500 (500 Mpbs speed) for $39.99/month or Optimum 1 Gig (940 Mbps speed) for $49.99/month. AT&T’s options include 100 Mbps for $35/month, 300 Mbps for $45/month and 1000 Mbps for $60/month.

300 Mbps for $29.99/month100 Mbps for $35/month
500 Mbps for $39.99/month300 Mbps for $45/month
940 Mbps for $49.99/month1000 Mbps for $60/month

What service types do they offer?

Optimum offers both cable and fiber to an estimated 12.9 million people spanning four U.S. states. AT&T offers fiber optic to several million people across 21 states. The key difference between fiber and cable is that cable is sent through copper TV lines whereas fiber is made of plastic and used mainly for Internet service. Fiber is typically considered better due to its ability to provide high-bandwidth connections and quick upload times. Furthermore, fiber tends to suffer less from slowdowns caused by high traffic. It should be mentioned that fiber is not always an option in certain areas due to the high costs associated with it. The good news is that Optimum does still offer cable if fiber is not offered near you.

Which television packages do they offer?

Optimum offers a variety of different television optimums including Basic TV with 50+ channels for $29/month, Core TV with 220+ channels for $59/month, Select TV with 340+ channels for $74/month and Premier TV with 420+ channels, Showtime, HBO Max, and Starz for $94/month. AT&T's television options are priced slightly higher and include the following packages: the Entertainment package which includes 65+ channels for $69.99/month, the Choice package which includes 90+ channels for $84.99/month, the Ultimate package which includes 130+ channels for $94.99/month and the Premier package which includes 140+ channels for $139.99/month. Both companies certainly provide a large selection to choose from.


Basic TV: 50+ channels for $29/monthEntertainment Package: 65+ channels for $69.99/month
Core TV: 220+ channels for $59/monthChoice Package: 90+ channels for $84.99/month
Select TV: 340+ channels for $74/monthUltimate Package: 130+ channels for $94.99/month
Premier TV: 420+ channels for $94/monthPremier Package: 140+ channels for $139.99/month

What are the home telephone options?

Optimum does not offer home telephone services on its own unless it is bundled with an Internet and/or television package. If you're only interested in telephone and Internet, you can choose Internet that is 300Mbps ($39.99/month), 500Mbps ($49.99/month) or 1 Gig ($59.99/month). We will discuss the Internet, Television and Phone bundles in a little while. As for AT&T, they offer two home telephone options to customers, one being the Complete Choice Enhanced package which allows local calls for $48/month. They also have a nation-wide plan that allows for long-distance calls at a price of $70/month.

Do they both serve as mobile providers?

Altice, the company that owns Optimum, offers a mobile service that starts at about $14/month per line. This includes a nationwide network with 5G access, as well as no multi-line commitments. AT&T offers three distinct mobile plans, all which require a minimum of four lines. All these plans include unlimited calls, texts, and data throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Their lowest cost option is the AT&T Unlimited Starter which typically costs $35/month.  The AT&T Unlimited Extra Plan costs $40/month and includes an additional 50GB of premium data. Lastly, the AT&T Unlimited Elite package offers an additional 100GB of premium data.

Which bundles do they offer?

Optimum offers an impressive number of mix-and-match options for Internet, television, and home phone services. If you are interested in having all the above, you can opt-in for any of the following package: Optimum 300 (300Mbps), Core TV and phone for $98.99/month, Optimum 500 (500Mbps), Core TV, and phone for $108.99/month, or Optimum 1 Gig (940mbps), Core TV and phone for $118.99/month. All these packages include over 220 channels. If you do not need a home telephone line, there are also few bundles consisting of Internet and TV only. The TV options in these bundles typically range from 50-220+ channels. As for the Internet, the speeds start at 300 Mbps in some packages, and go up as high as 940 Mbps in others. Internet and TV bundles can cost anywhere between $50-$70/month.


AT&T also offers a variety of bundles, though they are not as competitive as Optimum when it comes to price, amount of television channels, and Internet speed. In addition, these prices do not incorporate a home telephone line. Their bundles include 100 Mbps Internet with various television packages. These bundles range in price depending on how many channels are included. For example, AT&T TV Entertainment + AT&T Internet offers 65+ Channels for $84.99/month. They also offer the AT&T TV Choice which includes 90+ channels and costs $89.99/month. Next in line is the AT&T TV Ultimate bundle which has 130+ channels for $104.99/month. Furthermore, AT&T offers two DIRECTV bundles. The first bundle is the DIRECTV Xtra package which offers 235+ channels for $104.99/month, as well as the DIRECTV Premier All-Included package which includes 330+ channels for $159.99/month.

Which is the best deal overall?

Optimum and AT&T are both renowned companies with strong reputations, competitive prices, quick speeds, and reliable services. That being said, Optimum does appear to offer more competitive prices for comparable offerings to AT&T. Some examples, as mentioned earlier in this article, are listed below:

• Internet: Optimum offers 300 Mbps of Internet for $29.99/month, whereas AT&T offers only 100 Mbps for the same exact price.  

• Television: Optimum’s Core TV option offers 220+ channels for $59/month, compared to AT&T’s Choice package which includes 90+ channels for $84.99/month.

• Home Telephone: Optimum can give you 300 Mbps Internet with home telephone service for $39.99/month. The Complete Choice Enhanced package from AT&T only allows for unlimited local calls with a price tag of $48/month.

• Mobile Phone: Altice, the company that owns Optimum, offers cell-phone service starting at $14/month. Unlike AT&T, Altice requires no minimum number of lines for this price.

• Bundles: Optimum 300 (300Mbps), Core TV and home phone for $98.99/month compared to the AT&T TV Entertainment + AT&T Internet bundle, which includes 65+ Channels $84.99/month. This AT&T bundle does not include a home telephone.

We hope this article helps you decide which services are best suited for your needs. Good luck and happy shopping!


Disclaimer: Data as of 03/01/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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