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Choosing which streaming service to go with can be difficult, especially with so many options on the market! For this reason, we'll be delving into everything that IMDb offers to help you decide whether this might be the right one for you!

¿Qué es IMDb TV?

IMDb TV is a streaming video channel that is ad-supported and completely free. It allows customers to tune into popular TV shows, Hollywood hits, and more without needing to purchase a subscription.

How Can I Watch IMDb TV? 

You can access the IMDb TV app on any of the following: 

Mobile Devices: Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video 
Streaming Media Players: Roku, Android TV, and Google TV 
Game Console: Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S 
Smart TV: LG, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, 

Additionally, IMDb TV is accessible through any web browser by visiting IMDb.com/tv/. There is no dedicated IMDb TV app for iOS, but you can access the streaming service through the standard IMDb app.

Where is IMDb TV Available?

IMDb TV is currently only available in the United States.  

What can I watch on IMDb TV? 

There are a variety of popular shows that are featured on this streaming service app including: 

Schitt’s Creek: This sitcom is about a wealthy couple going completely bankrupt and having to move to a small town called “Schitt’s Creek,” their only remaining asset which they once purchased as a joke. They are forced to leave their formerly luxurious lifestyles behind and to come together as a family.  

Columbo: This American crime drama features homicide suspects that are usually affluent members of society, with class conflict being a prevalent theme. Unlike most detective shows, viewers typically know who the perpetrator is and instead focus on observing the clues Lt. Columbo comes across and how he receives a confession from the culprits. 

Fringe: An FBI special agent is assigned to the bureau’s Fringe Division, where she investigates unusual crimes. She is accompanied by once-institutionalized scientist Dr. Walter Bishop, his son, and an FBI junior agent. During investigations, matters of science get hazy and they discover connections to their personal lives and to a parallel universe. 

Lost: This science fiction show is about a group of people who survive a plane crash, ending up on a remote island in the tropical Pacific. The survivors work together to stay alive, while also discovering several mysteries. **  

Mad Men: Alpha male Don Draper struggles to stay on top of the high-pressure advertising world. Not only is he one of the top businessmen in the advertising industry in 1960’s New York, but he’s also a father raising young children. 

Is IMDb TV Worth Getting?

IMDb TV is definitely worth trying out! It's accessible on a variety of devices, as well as completely free! They have several top shows to check out and binge-watch. Though we do give it a thumbs up, we suggest not relying on this streaming service platform solely as it does not have the selection nor the diversity of shows and movies that other streaming services boast. It's still a suitable complement to your cable or other streaming services.


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