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Figuring out which streaming services are worth getting can be stressful and time-consuming. There are so many to choose from! Fortunately, the one we're discussing today differs greatly from the rest because it's geared towards your dog's entertainment! DOGTV also offers hundreds of educational, entertaining programs for dog parents to enjoy, so feel free to join in the fun alongside your furry friends!

What is DOGTV?

DOGTV is a streaming service geared towards dogs, it is meant to alleviate stress and anxiety that dogs might deal with in their everyday life. Not only is a DOGTV an entertainment brand, but they also market themselves as a wellness and pet brand also.

In fact, the streaming service provides a variety of content that had been created based on 60 different scientific studies. The programs have both adjusted color and lighting to appeal to dogs, since they see colors differently than humans do. There are also no abrupt and sudden noises as dogs typically get startled by this. The content is split up into three different segments that focuses on your dog's stimulation, relaxation, and exposure.

This streaming service can be accessed through various streaming devices, as well as through both cable and satellite.

What is so special about DOGTV? 

DOGTV helps expose your dog to the new stimuli, the same way going for a walk would. The difference is that DOGTV provides enrichment through both visuals and sound. The programs are catered to your dog's hearing and seeing abilities through brightness, saturation, contrast, camera angles, and music. These details make the images on screen more intriguing to your dog.

As we mentioned before, the content is broken out into three sections - stimulation, relaxation and exposure. Now, we'll dive into what type of content this consists of.

Stimulation: This programming includes playful animal sequences, dogs, as well as other animals to mentally stimulate your dogs and prevent them from getting bored. 

Relaxation: These programs feature soothing sounds and peaceful scenes that help your dog to feel at ease. 

Exposure: This content is intentionally edited with limited exposure to frequently heard sounds to get your dog more familiar with car rides, the sound of the doorbell, etc. 

How Much Does DOGTV Cost?

DOGTV offers several different pricing plans such as $9.99/month or $84.99/year if you pay upfront. 

If you want to gift the subscription, you can choose between 1-12 months. For example, you can purchase a 2-month subscription for $19.98, a 3-month subscription for $29.97, and the list goes on and steadily decreases in price with each extra month you add on.

Does DOGTV offer any deals?

DOGTV is currently offering a 7-day free trial. They state that after the trial you can subscribe to their service for as low as $6.99/month.

How Can I Watch DOGTV?

You can access DOGTV on DISH, Sling, Xfinity, RCN, iOS, COX, Claro, Vivo, Xstream, XBOX One, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku. 

Where is DOGTV available?

DOGTV has a global presence, as it is available in countries such as the USA, Brazil, France, South Korea, China, the UK, Ireland and Portugal. 

Is DOGTV Worth Getting?

DOGTV is worth getting if you have a dog, or perhaps several of them. The streaming service is even more beneficial if you have dogs with a lot of energy, or that suffer from anxiety. If you and your family watch a lot of television and you don't have enough TVs, tablets, and laptops in your home, you will need to evaluate if getting this streaming service is a feasible option. Aside from that, the streaming service is a reasonable price and you even get a 7-day free trial to test it out! Personally, we think you're barking up the right tree as it's the ultimutt fit for your pups!


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