PRO WiFi from Suddenlink Business can Help Small Businesses Get the Most Out of Their Marketing

It has been a challenging time for all businesses, but especially for small businesses. While things are starting to open up again, the way business gets done is changing. Whether it’s balancing the migration to operating remotely or finding footing in the new normal, this new market environment is causing small businesses to focus more than ever on strengthening their customer experience, getting the most out of marketing, and saving money on overhead. Fast, reliable, and flexible business Internet is a must for any small enterprise, and Optimum Business PRO WiFi delivers the premium connectivity experience our customers have come to expect - but that's only part of the story. PRO WiFi does more than simply get your business online, it can become the heart of your marketing strategy while providing a branded customer experience at an affordable price.

A customized browsing experience that reinforces brand awareness and informs marketing efforts.

Finding and connecting with customers is a challenge in this new environment. PRO WiFi from Optimum not only gives small businesses a dedicated wireless network that provides both the privacy and security customers demand - it also provides a unique opportunity for businesses to gain powerful business insights about those customers. The customizable PRO WiFi sign-in portal provides a branded experience that can feature your logo and company colors so customers can easily verify and trust they're connecting to a safe network. It also has the ability to collect information from customers to be used for marketing purposes. Customers can provide their email address and name to access the network as well as share demographic information such as age or gender. This information is stored automatically in the cloud-based PRO WiFi management portal alongside other important network activity data. The management portal provides dynamic visual reporting and allows businesses to learn more about their connected customers - whether it's gathering contact information that can power mailing lists or identifying traffic patterns in age groups by time of day. By pairing the sign-in portal data collection together with the management portal visual reporting, you can learn more about the customers visiting your location in a much more accurate and affordable way than purchasing aggregated 3rd party audience data or lists.

Draw them in with free WiFi.

Team sitting together on a couch and working from devices

Nowadays, everyone expects connectivity when visiting a business, but many businesses still do not offer WiFi to customers. Offering free WiFi is an increasingly important marketing tactic, providing a draw for people who want to stay connected or get some work done during their visit and helping your business stand out from the crowd. Not only do businesses that offer free WiFi to guests attract new customers more easily than those that do not, businesses that offer free WiFi also provide good reason for increased repeat visits. A customer who knows they can rely on your location as a source of connectivity is incentivized to visit and stay while they finish some work or jump on a quick video conference that they may not be able to do elsewhere.

PRO WiFi for Small Business from Optimum offers the reliability, security, and features all businesses demand.

While marketing features can help expand your business, we haven't forgotten about the fundamental connectivity your business needs to run in the first place. PRO WiFi leverages the same fast, reliable Internet service customers have come to expect from Optimum Business and offers the core features necessary to provide the ideal WiFi experience for both you and your guests, including separate guest and private networks, a convenient online portal for monitoring and managing your network, and optional content filtering to ensure your customers aren't browsing any undesirable content on your premises. Getting back to business may not be easy, but it's certainly necessary. PRO WiFi from Optimum Business helps businesses get securely connected while also providing advanced tools and features to improve marketing efforts all for an affordable price, starting at just $39.99 a month. Make your technology work for your business. Contact us today to learn more.