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Altice One: Managing Settings

ID 3985

Altice One is an entertainment and connectivity service that will provide a superior Video, Internet, Phone and WiFi experience to Optimum customers. Once your Altice One equipment is installed, you may use Settings to customize your Optimum TV experience.

Quick Settings over Live TV

Quick settings are displayed when you press the Options button on the Altice One remote with the below screen elements:


  • Closed Captioning ON/OFF (Default focus)
  • Video Description/SAP ON/OFF
  • Parental Controls ON/OFF
  • Block/Unblock Channel
  • Active Channel List - Limits channel tuning & guide display to favorite channels or All channels
  • Picture in Picture Channel
  • Picture in Picture Mode


The full settings are displayed when you select 'Settings' from your Home screen. You will select TV from the choices which include Internet, System, Help and My Account. Changes made in Settings / TV will instantly override Quick Settings values.


Within Settings / TV you may modify these items:

  • Audio
  • Called ID
  • Subtitulado electrónico
  • My Picks channels
  • Panel frontal
  • Preferencias de DVR
  • HD Settings
  • Idioma
  • Control parental
  • Sleep Timer (30min / 60min /90min)

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