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About Internet protection powered by McAfee®

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Qué incluye

Internet protection powered by McAfee® provides comprehensive security protection for home and mobile devices, with protection from computer viruses and malware. McAfee es parte de Intel Security.

  • Protection for 20 devices - Best-in-class anti-virus protection for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Protects Your Identity - Advanced threat protection helps guards your privacy and your most sensitive information.
  • Mobile device protection - Lost smartphones and tablets can be tracked, locked and wiped remotely. Currently available with Android devices only.
  • Parental Controls - Monitor protected devices and set suitable content by age group. For more information on using Parental Controls click aquí.
  • Browsing Management - SiteAdvisor proactively checks each Internet site before a user browses to it. For more information on the SiteAdvisor feature click aquí.
  • Password Manager - Securely manages your passwords on all your devices. For more information on Password Manager click aquí.


Download and Install for Free

Internet protection powered by McAfee® is available at no additional cost to Optimum Online customers. Hacer clic en aquí for information on how to install Internet protection powered by McAfee®.

Online Management

Go to Optimum.net/protect and select Manage my devices. You can add or remove devices from your list of protected devices. You can obtain one (1) license for Optimum Internet Protection by McAfee® that can be used on up to twenty (20) devices.

For more infomation about managing devices with Internet protection powered by McAfee® click aquí.

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