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Optimum Online: Accessing your Email

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Once you've set up an Optimum email address, there are two ways you can send and receive messages: Web-based Optimum email or an email program**.

For information including features and usage for Optimum Online email click aquí.

Web-Based Optimum Email

  • Optimum Online email: Optimum email makes using email extremely easy to use.
  • Mobile Mail You can also access your email using a streamlined mobile version of Optimum Online email from a Web-enabled mobile device. For more information about Mobile Mail, haga clic aquí.

Important: If you access your Optimum email via the Web, your messages are stored on the Optimum server. Messages are stored indefinitely for Optimum 25, Optimum 50*, Optimum 60 and higher (within storage limits).

Please refer to Optimum Online Email Retention para obtener más información. For Optimum 50 customers and higher, all messages are stored indefinitely (within storage limits).

**Data charges may apply when using a mobile device connection.


* Optimum 50 service is no longer available to purchase.

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