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Create an Optimum ID

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Depending upon the Optimum services to which you subscribe, your Optimum ID gives you access to these great features*:

  • Correo electrónico y correo de la red
  • Acceso en línea al correo de voz y configuraciones del teléfono
  • Optimum WiFi
  • ¡Y mucho más!
  • Pago de factura en línea
  • Optimum Rewards
  • Program Your DVR Online and from a Mobile Device
  • Optimum App

If you are already have an Optimum ID, click aquí to be taken to Household IDs. There you will be able to create additional Optimum ID(s) and Password(s) or recover forgotten password or sign-in credentials.

Create a Primary Optimum ID

Nota: Optimum Online customers must be at their home network to create a Primary Optimum ID.

  1. To create your Primary Optimum ID, haga clic aquí.
  2. Your Account Number is 13-digits, if you see 14-digits from your bill, just leave off the last digit.
  3. Enter the First name and Last name on the account.
  4. Enter the Phone Number on the account.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. You will be able to choose whether or not your Primary Optimum ID should have an email account. Check the box Include a free Optimum email account so this Primary Optimum ID has an email account. This email account may be used for Pago de factura en línea.
  7. If you do not wish for the Primary Optimum ID to have an email account, but wish to use the Optimum ID for Online Bill Pay, enter an alternate email address.
  8. Once your primary Optimum ID is created, haga clic aquí to view the instructions on how to create Optimum IDs for other members of your household.

To keep your email account active, please click aquí para obtener más detalles.

*Se requiere el nivel de suscripción correspondiente.
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