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Optimum WiFi para clientes de Internet XFINITY

ID 2520
Optimum has partnered with Comcast to expand Optimum Hotspot access to Optimum Online and XFINITY Internet customers.

Optimum Hotspots are available in shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, train platforms, parks, marinas, malls, sports fields and more -- the places you go every day, in the New York Tri-State Area. To find an Optimum Hotspot near you, haga clic aquí. New Optimum WiFi locations are being added frequently, so check back often.

Haga clic aquí to view the current Comcast Cable WiFi hotspots that you also have access to.

XFINITY Internet Customers

XFINITY Internet customers in the New York Metropolitan area have free unlimited access to Optimum Hotspots. All you need is:

  1. A WiFi-enabled device with a Web browser.
  2. A current subscription to XFINITY Internet.
  3. An XFINITY Internet ID and password.
  4. The WiFi SSID, or network identifier, for XFINITY Internet customers is xfinitywifi.
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