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Personalized Video Bill

ID 3695

As an Optimum customer, you will receive a monthly personalized video of your Optimum bill statement. The video is designed to help you become familiar with your billing statement, and understand charges such as a pro-rate or partial month. With a personalized video bill statement you will have a better understanding of your bill, and will also learn about Optimum self-help features. 


Accessing Your Personalized Video Bill

If you are a new Optimum customer or an existing customer who made a change of service within the last month, you will also receive an email advising you that your personalized video bill is available for viewing, with a link to the video.

The video bill is also available on or on Channel 900 and will be available continuously until your next billing cycle. To access the video bill on, simply click here, log in if needed, then click on View video bill. If you don't see the link at first, click on the Optimum logo, and then go back. To access the video bill on your TV, tune to Channel 900 and then select My Bill Explained.


What's Explained in the Video?

The personalized video bill, available on your billing cycle, provides an itemized explanation of your Optimum billing statement as follows:

Account Summary

  • Last Bill Balance
  • Payments
  • Remaining Balance
  • Current Charges
  • Total Amount Due
  • Due Date

Monthly Charges

  • TV (includes package, DVR, Cable Boxes, installation and one time charges, etc.)
  • Phone 
  • Internet
  • Discounts such as the Multi-Product Discount
  • On Demand/PPV
  • Other Activity (credits and/or debits)
  • Partial Month Activity/Charges
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Total Amount Due
  • Options to Pay My Bill or Optimum ID Help
  • 24/7 Live Chart, Email, Facebook or Twitter
  • Take Survey to rate your experience after viewing the video


I'm Getting an Error Message

There may be times when your video bill is not available on or on Channel 900. This may be due to your bill not having been created yet. If your bill is not available, the following messages will display.

  • Channel 900: “Your personalized video about your bill isn’t available yet. Please try again after you receive your next bill.”
  • A generic video is played and the voice over states: “We are experiencing difficulty accessing your personalized video bill. The details you will see on screen are only examples.”
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